Burpee-fied legs

Have I mentioned I love my legs? Not in a conceited kind of way — but a proud kind of way. In a way that’s like, I used to hate you but now I embrace you kind of way.

In the above photo, you can see those specific legs and if you can’t tell, they are smeared in black up and down. Why, you may ask? It’s called burpees in the summertime.

I’m not sure if it’s all Crossfit gyms or just mine (anyone know?), but there is no air conditioning. I think this is just a “crossfit thing.” I guess it’s supposed to make us feel a little more badass (I think I’ve been using that term too much…ha).

From my  box this weekend. So sad I wasn’t able to be there for the 31 Heroes work out! They took some amazing pix!

However, in 90+ temps and raging DC humidity, we have no air so even at 6am, the sweat starts pouring when you first step foot in the box. (Don’t even get me started about the sweatiness of the evening classes!)

Thus, my legs begin leaking. Does anyone else have really sweaty knees and shins? Somehow, mine are just horrible and after jumping up and down for 7 rounds of burpees, they are slimed up with floor gunk and sweat.

But as we like to remind ourselves, they are a lot hotter for a lot longer:

Things have been feeling good in the land of fitness these days. I successfully kept up with my work outs while out of town (it is so much harder when I’m not in my normal settings) and have been getting some great exercise in this week.

Truth be told, I should probably be cutting it shorter in order to make time for other things that are important (like spending time with God in the mornings, working on a book proposal, researching Congo and writing more for work) but…I just so love the way a full work out makes me feel.

Endorphin addict right here.  

But, attention, ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement! You’ll have to watch my video to find out what it is though 🙂 Click below for the news:

*Note to self: TOO close to the screen, cover up the blemish, get more natural light & what’s up with the still shot — gross! Dude, I gotta work on this video thing. Moving on…

I know I already leaked that in some spaces but most people hadn’t heard so…there ya go. Wahoo! I do things so quickly and on a whim because I get excited in the moment but I figure it can’t hurt.

I’m not going to actively fund raise because I’m already trying to raise money for my kids in Congo. There are just too many things that need funding! But, if the $350 doesn’t come in, I have no problem funding it myself because I so believe in Back on My Feet. It’s worth every penny and every moment I put into it.

Getting back to running has been good though and I loved this little sign when I found it floating around the Internet:

I’m not kidding when I say it can make or break my day in a pinch. Should it be that way? No. I think I need to have better self control over my emotions, etc. but I know running is there if I need a little help. For those who are reluctant fitnessistas, mark my words: this can change your life.

I’m often told this blog brings inspiration for folks to get moving and be more positive. I hope that trend is continuing today.

If you are in a rut, get moving!

If you need some encouragement to do it, please email me and I’ll be happy to provide some 🙂 Ericka.Andersen@gmail.com.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite way to get moving or break a bad mood?

*Bonus: Check out Charlotte’s awesome post on the Lolo Jones drama — it’s worth a read.

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