Looking for a new car is no easy task. There are so many to choose from and what about the ones with the cool commercials? Those always get me (but we all know it’s a bad idea to judge by the most superstar commercial.)

Listen up, ladies: Choosing the best car for a woman — as a woman — in particular is something to consider in the future. I hadn’t really considered this before I bought my car. But…next time I buy one I will most likely be hauling some kids around in it (re: years from now) and buying a family car wisely will be even more important.

Never thought about it before? You should and there are a few reasons why the Honda may be your best bet.

“The data shows moms prefer vehicles that combine practicality with style. Bigger is not always better when it comes to moms’ favorite vehicles as evidenced by the lack of any large SUVs and only minivan in the Top 10 overall,” said Kristen Andersson, senior analyst for, in a piece on the International Business Times.


It seems that the Honda has this practicality in several versions — as well as a very eco-friendly structure that women are bound to find as an added bonus. They even have a special “eco” button you can push to help out with saving energy while driving.

Vroom Girls, a car site specifically geared toward women, gave the Honda two thumbs up — advocating for its 5-star safety rating and spacious, family-friendly interior. While the car feels roomy on the inside, it is still small enough on the outside to easily maneuver into parking spots and around corners on the outside.

The best part about a car like the New Honda Civic hybrid is the fuel economy. According the Car & Driver, the car can get up to 44 mpg, which is pretty darn good in today’s world of high gas prices.

And I know from talking to my boyfriend the Honda Accord is extremely reliable when it comes to long distance travel. For many families, long driving times to visit families are a necessity and you need a good car with low gas mileage to make the trek. Rick’s Honda Accord has taken him across the country and back more than once and after years, is still holding up.

So, if you are on the hunt for a new car, put the Honda on your list of options.

QUESTION: Do you think there is a “best” car for women? What kind of car do you have & does it work for you?
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