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Am I becoming one of those annoying do-gooders? I’m starting to think I might be — and I realized that nobody really likes those people.

Perhaps I’m wrong but I had to write it out. Ever since I got involved with Back on My Feet, raising money for Congo and just becoming more giving with various causes all over the place, I’ve been preaching the importance of giving back. Most people only want to hear preaching when they choose to attend church so…I’m starting to wonder if people are secretly rolling their eyes. Are you doing it now? 🙂

I’ve found such joy in volunteering, etc. — and also realized how much I have (and most people have) compared to so much of the poverty in the rest of the world. It’s hard to contain myself.

That being said, I’m constantly touting a cause — writing about it on the blog, asking people to join, and not understanding why more people don’t volunteer, donate and more. And…I’ve even been sort of judgmental at times and it’s not okay. Imperfect me, comin’ atcha.

There’s a saying that sometimes Rick and I say to one another: “You do you.” You can’t worry about what others are saying, doing, believing. It will drive you crazy.

It’s hard to know how much is too much. How much do I talk about these causes I believe in? Are people irritated with my continuous pursuits? Plus, there are a million good causes out there and I don’t know who is giving or doing for what.

It reminds me of when I was younger and was so convinced I had to tell everyone about Jesus because…what if I was their only chance? I soon learned that God doesn’t need me (though at times He does want me to do/say certain things). I learned that it was pretty darn narccissitic to believe that I actually held someone’s salvation in my own little, imperfect, sinful hands.

I’m not getting religious on you — promise — just sharing feelings and comparisons.

The point is, it never feels like enough. I never feel like I’m doing enough because there’s so much pain and hurt and need out there. But, the truth is, it can never be enough. 

In Congo with the kids.

I have to embrace my place and let others find theirs on their own…let the chips fall where they may, pray a lot more and know that I’m not in control.

There’s an old quote my Dad used to have in his office: “People may not believe what you say but they will always believe what you do.”

When it feels like you’ve been (I’ve been) talking too much, that’s something to remember. 

So…”you do you.” I will. And I’m sorry if I’ve been annoying to anyone. Perhaps I’m over-thinking it and no…I certainly do not think of myself worthy of any kind of praise. This world will always  be frustrating, it will always carry heartbreak, there will always be people dying unjustly and people living in poverty, amid war and tragedy. But you do what you can do.

Those are the thoughts of a do-gooder today 🙂 I’d love to hear yours.

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