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So, I did it.

I cancelled my official Crossfit membership at the box (as of August 28th.) This isn’t “good bye,” it’s just “see ya later.”

When I first went to cancel, I couldn’t do it. I thought, WHY on earth would stop doing something that’s been so amazingly fulfilling?

But, I weighed my options. My six month session is up but right now I’m struggling to marathon train and constantly feel guilty if I miss Crossfit (b/c of cost and just liking it so much.)

I looked at all the other boxes in the area to see if there were any lower rates and it turns out, mine (Trident Crossfit in Del Ray) is the lowest one at $180/month as opposed to $199/month and another at $208/month. Yowza! I know, but that’s the big city for ya I guess. Also, I keep hearing that Trident is one of the most prestigious in the country so it’s nice that they have low (er) rates. The staff is excellent and I have a great experience there.

Some people encouraged me to talk with the owners about a discounted rate for free advertising on the blog. To be honest, I am too much of a wimp to even ask. I felt like I was just going to look cheap or be annoying if it I did (even if that is not a rational thought, I thought it.)

So…by giving up the box — for now –– I will be able to focus in on marathon training, save a few hundred bucks and test out my WOD-from-home skillz 🙂

Unfortunately, I won’t have a rower while I’m “on leave.” (at Trident)

For those that WOD from home, what basic equipment do you have?

I’ll be using the mini-gym in my apartment complex, which doesn’t have much. So here are the basics I’m going to have or buy to get this thing done:

  • Set of free weights (up to 45lbs)
  • 15lb medicine ball
  • ab roller (barbell rollouts)
  • fitness box (box jumps)
  • 35 lb kettle bell
  • jump rope
  • basic barbell w/ 2 sets weights (*only if it’s not too expensive)
  • Ultimate sandbag (*might compromise with something else)

Bonus: stretchy strap for assisted pull ups, lacrosse ball, foam roller

My apartment gym has a treadmill, elliptical and recumbent bike. It also has one of those large, all-purpose fitness contraptions that you can multiple exercises on, including pull ups. Additionally, there is a bench I can use.

I’m looking forward to giving this a try as crosstraining on my off running days. The plan is to run 3 days per week and crosstrain 3 days a week with one rest day.

Crosstraining on the elliptical

It’s going to take self-discipline. I can’t let it up though. I did, after all, just “get” my kipping pull up this week!

But…it’ll be good for me and I’ll be darn glad I started making these marathons a priority when the day(s) come.

QUESTION: If you Crossfit at home or have thought about it, what other equipment do you think I should/could get? What items around the house can be used as fitness devices?

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