That’s me on the beach. I have mixed feelings about this photo. I actually began writing this post by dissecting things I didn’t like.

Stop. Right. There. 

I’m not gonna do that. I am wonderfully and perfectly made. And I’m freakin’ lucky and blessed too.

I have legs that can run a marathon. I have arms that can do an “almost pull-up.” I have feet that I can run and a proportional body with womanly curves.

All of my fingers and all of my toes, a dimple on my cheek and freckles on my face.

I can move. I can breathe easily and I hardly ever get sick.

I have a great appetite and really enjoy good food.

My body does things that make me feel alive, like sprinting the end of a training run or dancing with my friends or running into waves in the ocean.

I’m not confined by insatiable appetites. I don’t let a fear of fat or failure keep from living my life in any way. I have overcome.

I’ve learned to work with my body, not against it.

It’s not “perfect” by the world’s standards but it’s mine and it’s able.

It’s one of the best things I’ve got. Several years back I wouldn’t have dared to trot around in a bikini on the beach. Being #Fitfluential — before I had a name for it — gave me the confidence to do so.

You’ve heard of Kyle Maynard? I always think of him when I’m feeling down about something. If he can be fitfluential, I had better be:

So that’s me up there. I’m able, I’m lucky and this is what #Fitfluential looks like.

QUESTION: What’s YOUR Fitfluential?

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