Here’s  little snippet of my world on Instagram lately.

I used to think I just could NOT handle all these social networks. Facebook and Twitter were aplenty to keep up with.

I was wrong. 

Today, I regularly work on my website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus, YouTube and Instagram — not to mention staying up to speed on my favorite bloggers in many online communities like Fitfluential, engaging with thousands and coming up with ideas for daily posts.

It’s do-able but it takes time management and a little inside scoop.

Each social medium has it’s own personality — and so, like different friends, you have to treat them uniquely. They deserve their own strategy and it doesn’t have to take too much time.

As a social media professional, I often give presentations on how to use the various platforms. Someone always asks about linking up their platforms so it’s less work for them. And I always stress what a bad idea that is. You won’t get anything out of a medium you put nothing into. It may take time to get a foundation for each one but if you want to be successful, you better do it.

Did you know how many resources there were for you to utilize out there? So many and I wanted to get you started with tips for all the biggies today. Here’s a good selection of tips and tricks to save and use starting now!

Tricks of the Social Media Trade

— Instagram: 11 Instagram Tips for Beginners

— Google Plus: Google Plus Tips & Tricks for the Newbie & Semi-Newbie

— Pinterest: 6 Pinterest Tips from Power Users

— YouTube: 10 Tips from YouTube Experts

— Tumblr: 10 Ideas for a Successful Tumblr

— Twitter: 10 Advanced Twitter Tips & Tricks 

— Facebook: 10 Facebook Tips for Power Users

— Google Reader: Power Tips for Google Reader

I supplied advanced tips for Facebook and Twitter because I assumed most people reading this have some experience with them. However, it’s easy to find beginner tips if you are new.

I have a handful of tech and social media must-reads saved on my favorites — and you should too. If you have questions or need ideas on how to improve your social media platforms, just search through any of the following sites:

It’s imperative to stay up to speed on what’s happening in social media so you can take advantage of every opportunity. Plus, if you are able to jump on trends early, it will help you immensely in the long run.

When I signed up for Twitter in early 2008, it wasn’t that big of a thing yet. Because I got active early and have always taken the value of Twitter, seriously, I am now aiming for 10,000 followers and have been able to use those skills as part of my career.

QUESTION: What social media tips/tricks do you have? Are there any websites I did not mention that you think people should be aware of?

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