Getting Professional

I  was so excited to find my news business cards in the mail yesterday! I’ve been considering ordering them for awhile but didn’t want to spend the money. But with Fitbloggin‘ right around the corner, I figured it was time.

I know they are simple but it’s a test run. I usually forget to hand out business cards so I just want to see how fast these go. I will probably order the bigger size with a bit more fanciness next time around.

Weekend Fun

On a Saturday run with the BOMF crew, posing at the new MLK Jr. Memorial

I was soooo freakin’ happy this weekend to get back to running. I haven’t done any kind of a long run in months. I had forgotten the freedom and the endless breath that it gives you.

Running with a Blind Man

I was geared up mentally and physically for  a 17-miler on Saturday with Back on My Feet. I had signed up to lead months ago when I thought I would be in training for the Chicago Marathon. Since then, I cancelled that race so I have not been running nearly that many miles. But I was determined.

I showed up for the run and then found out I was responsible for running with Rodan, a blind member of our team. We run holding a short rope between us and the running partner must tell Rodan when to step up, stop, when we are going through over obstacles, etc. It is NOT easy and I was really intimidated.

Rodan, on the right, with some of our other teammates.

After I got the hang of it, things seemed to be going okay. We had a steady pace going as we ran down the National Mall and crossed over the bridge to the Mt. Vernon trail. At just over halfway in, we were feeling great. Rodan is an extremely motivating person to run with because he absolutely LOVES running with so much passion.

And then…in a narrow part of the trail, Rodan’s foot slipped on the edge of the pavement. He was hurt and we had to hobble back to a metro station without completing the run. It was so disappointing for him and I felt awful because it felt like my fault for not guiding him enough.

I encouraged him by saying everyone experiences setbacks in marathon training…there is time to make up the run and stay on top of training. I certainly got a reality check on running with a blind person but it was also nice to get to know him a little better. Rodan was recently the BoMF Member of the Month and you can read more about his journey here.

Working It Out

In addition to the 9-mile run, I also got my butt to the weight room. I’ve been disappointed in some of my results from Crossfit and weightlifting because my arms just don’t seem to want to tone very well. I’m definitely not built for it but I’m gonna keep trying.

On Sunday, I ran on the treadmill and elliptical while reading the latest issue of “Glamour.” And, by the way, “Glamour” is starting to feel like I’m reading “Seventeen.” They’ve gone crazy with the colors and lists — and it just has an immature feel to it. Or…maybe I’m getting too old for “Glamour?” Say it ain’t so! I much more enjoy reading “Self” and “Shape” but I’m a magazine freak so subscription stays!

Brand Love

Oh and you see that top that I’m wearing? I seriously have to give it a shout out. It’s my new Under Armour tank from Sports Authority. Super comfy and super breathable. See below for a close up of the holes that make it breathable:

I don’t know if you can buy this online but it’s a major “go” if you are looking for new tops! Under Armour didn’t send me this or ask for a review but I had to spread the love.

To the Market

I also hit up Eastern Market this weekend for some fresh peaches, tomatoes, strawberry jam and a new necklace. It was a hot day but after church, we just wanted to do something different. I caught a couple good shots on Instagram, my new favorite thing:

For dinner, we went to Layla’s Lebanese Restaurant, which was okay. I was excited to try some new Lebanese food but it did not trump Lebanese Taverna. I can never get enough hummus wherever I go, though, so ya know I was still cool with it 🙂 That’s the pic of my plate above. 
QUESTION: Have you ever had a physical challenge with running like the one I had this weekend? I would love to hear other experiences of working with the disabled and sports of any kind. How did you work through it? Was it rewarding?

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