A couple of exciting things happened this weekend.

One, I slept in two days in a row, which never happens! Two, I watched the entire season of “Girls” basically in a day.

Three, the Crossfit Games were on and I had a hard time peeling my eyes away from the screen because there were so many badass athletes doing “my” sport justice 🙂

Four, I bought a car! This is definitely the most exciting to me because it is my first “nice” car ever. My car history goes as such:

My first car in all it’s glory minus the butterfly stickers I had on it 🙂
  • 1997: On my 16th birthday, I got an red ’88 Toyota Corolla hatchback. My parents paid for half of the $2,000 total. It turned out, it was the exact same car driven by the crazy German teacher t my high school. It was great and unofficially nicknamed “The Rat” by my friend, Steve. 
  • 2001: Yes, I drove the hatchback for 5 years! Then, it broke down and my Dad took pity on a poor college student and gave me a green ’94 Mercury (Sable?) for which I was supposed to pay half but can’t remember if I actually did.
  • 2007: After driving the crap out of my Mercury, I moved to DC car-less and went without one for a year or so. Eventually, I needed a car and my Dad found a ’99 Ford Contour for $2,500 for which we paid cash. It was half and half again (I have a fantabulous Dad). Unfortunately, the Contour was NOT a good deal and over the next 5 years, I probably spent at least $3,000+ for repairs. It finally pretty much died out on me recently.

I have put off spending any real money on a car until now. 14 years after getting my license, I’ve just made the biggest purchase of my life — a 2010 Ford Fusion. I was debating between a 2013 Hyundai Elantra or the ’10 Fusion.

The Fusion, though used, had all the fun bells and whistles, like a sun roof, synced cell phone, Sirius radio, more room and just nicer everything overall. I hated risking a used car but a great warranty and only 19,000 miles made me feel better. It topped out at around $19,500 after getting $700 for my Contour (trust me, that was not what it was worth…ha).

So, I am happy — especially since Rick and I have been rolling around in his car all summer — a car with no air conditioning and a broken passenger’s side window that doesn’t roll down. Yeah, some fun, sweaty times in that thing!

I lost my running MOJO!

It’s a theme on this blog to talk about how I “feel” about exercise. This week I had to remind myself of a basic principle learned back in ED therapy — FAT IS NOT A FEELING. I have had serious under-motivation in the past two weeks.

The desire to run is like zapped. I have felt tired and in turn, lazy. When I’m not getting what I feel is the “proper” amount of exercise, I say I “feel fat.” Fat is a physical state, not a feeling. So what do I really feel? Anxious, out of control? Maybe. It will pass. Last week, I only went to my Crossfit classes. No desire to run — what is that?!

Anyhooo, last night I went for a run in the humid, July afternoon and could barely make it three miles! My legs felt like lead, my body like I was new to this. Frustration abounds! I know I’m not running Chicago now but what the hell? I don’t know, maybe it’s the heat but I feel at my very best after a good, hard, long run. It seems out of my grasp at this point, though — where is my mojo?!

Cool App: Cinemagram

I stumbled across Cinemagram on this guy’s Tumblr the other day (and by the way, congrats to Chad & Lisa on their new baby!) Anyway, I thought this app was easy and cool — totally makes it simple to create your own GIFS! Check it out and download on your iphone today!

QUESTION: What cool iphone apps am I missing? Please tell me your favs! What was your first car?

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