Right now, I’m in the Outer Banks, NC for a wedding but on Wednesday for the 4th of July, Rick and I went to King’s Dominion! I have been dying to hit up an amusement park for several years not but for some reason, no one ever wanted to go!
I thought it was really sweet of him to think of taking me for the 4th and we had a lot of fun. Despite it being super hot and humid, the roller coasters were a blast and the lines were short. I guess people don’t think to go to amusement parks on holidays or something. 
We arrived early and almost every line was easy to get through. The only one with an extremely long wait was the newest roller coaster — the Volcano (I think.) It abruptly shoots you through a tunnel in the pitch black up a steep hill — totally unexpected and fun. 
I was pretty excited to eat some fun food and totally fell in love with Rita’s Ice Drinks. I had raspberry lemonade and it had real chunks of raspberry in it. Perfect refreshment for the hot hot hot day. 
We also hit up the water park, which wasn’t as impressive as I’d hoped save for one awesome double raft ride through a massive water tunnel. Hard to explain but it was like riding a roller coaster in a raft almost!
The ride behind me there took you up super high and then dropped you at an extremely fast speed. It was probably one of my favs though it didn’t last very long. I was loving all the coasters — and King’s Dominion has a lot of them! We went from coaster to coaster — stopping for bottles of water in between because we were sweating buckets. 
We stopped to get pizza for lunch and had fries as well. Not exactly a health friendly day but I did have a nice breakfast of green juice with kale, spinach, broccoli, cucumbers and carrots (plus and apple and a banana!) so I didn’t feel so bad. Here’s one of the best coasters: 
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