I had to post right now because I’m SO excited to be going to Fitbloggin’ ’12! 

Previously, I had written it off because it does cost $250 to go (early bird special of $199 went before I even knew it existed!).

But…it is in Baltimore, a mere hour from my home and so many of my favorite blogger friends will be there. So many awesome people that I communicate with online every day but have never met in person!

I am hoping to share a room with a couple people so hotel costs are low. No, this isn’t exactly cheap but I thought about the benefits an decided it was a go.

It provides awesome networking opportunities and so many brands are involved. Plus, I’ve heard the freebies are over the top! I’m definitely not going for the freebies but I know I will get to learn about so many  new brands, meet representatives and learn so much about how I can become a better blogger. 

I had so much fun last year at The Healthy Living Summit and it got me introduced to people I still talk to. I also know I’m missing out on some great blogs and can’t wait to find out which they are!

Lastly, got some more pix back from the beach and you know what? They made me smile because I feel like I look strong and happy. This seems like the ultimate in narcissism or something but it wasn’t always this way for me so I wanted to share. 

Thanks to the #Fitfluential and fitness blogging community for being a part of my positive transformation.

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