I’ve made an executive decision: I’m not running the Chicago Marathon.

I told you before how I was debating it. And after a lot of consideration (and very little running), I’ve chosen not to.

I have run 5 marathons — I’ve done it and right now, I’ve got other things going on. Yes, I could just go over there and run it without the proper training. Quite possible. But I don’t want to do that.

I still have Philly in waiting — it’s a month and a half after Chicago so I have time to consider it still. I hope I want to run that one but I won’t be upset if I opt for the half instead of the full. Okay, that’s a lie. I will be mad at myself if I don’t run at least 1 marathon this year….

I have felt little desire to run long lately. I’m not sure if it’s the heat or just wanting to be relieved of the pressure of long runs.

As I’ve mentioned, Crossfit is certainly a part of it. Working and moving my body in ways other than straight cardio has made me feel fit, strong, able and fulfilled. It’s amazing how a variety of exercise can do so much.

At my box, Trident Crossfit, with our WOD written on the board today:

I took a Kelly Olexa-style #PROOF pic today after my work out:

This week I had an opportunity for 5 days of Crossfit. So far, I’ve already skipped 2 sessions because I felt tired and didn’t wan to push myself. The lack of motivation is puzzling and I reallllly hate it. But I just returned from my first class in a week and remembered why I love it. Took a short vid:

Also, I just remembered I’m supposed to be leading a 17-mile training run with Back on My Feet next Saturday in this crazy July heat. Considering I’ve not run more than 10 miles in god knows how long, this could be tricky.

I’m sure I can do it but man, it’s going to be rough. Maybe it will be put me the mode for Philly training though, right?

Another reason I’m not doing Chicago is money. On the way to OBX last weekend, I got a $220 speeding ticket. Then, I forgot to fill up my rental car with gas upon return and was promptly charged $122 dollars (equaling a ripoff of $9.36/gallon that Budget Rental Car charged for 3/4 a tank of gas).  While it was certainly a blast (these girls are awesome!):

I only spent $178 on housing for the beach house at the wedding but overall, the rental car situation was $350.00 plus food/drink money for four days at the beach, which adds up.

I am hoping to sell my marathon entry for $150 (what I paid) and save the $200+ on the plane ticket I was going to buy. Now, if only I could get this blog to start bringing in some cha ching 🙂 Ha ha…no that’s not why I blog though it would be a nice side benefit!

TV Addiction?

So, yesterday I added Showtime and HBO to my account so I could watch “Dexter” and “Girls.” I seriously have no patience and couldn’t watch them any other way so I bit the bullet and am now paying $20 more a month for television. It kind of makes me cringe but…I really enjoy so I guess it’s worth it.

Has anyone else gotten into “Girls”? I can definitely relate — from the past that is. I do think the show does a great of realistically displaying the fears and struggles of girls that are 22-25-ish. I had first come to DC in that area of my life and was certainly living for moment a lot. I’d love to hear what you guys think of it! I’ve only watched 3 episodes so far but excited to see the rest!

Lastly, I have to share a pic of my little nephew Marshall because a good Aunt absolutely has to brag. I will get to see him in 6 weeks — way too long:

QUESTIONS: Have you ever decided NOT to run a race? 
                          Has Crossfit changed your approach to fitness?              
                         Have you watched “Girls”?
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