A brilliant run can feel like this!


I have been on a shoe rampage lately, haven’t I? Even though I get kind of annoyed by all the “shoe specials” in Runners World, I guess I can see now why they do it.

It took me until now to realize that different feet need different shoes…different bodies need different strides…different people need different training plans. It’s common sense really (or as Rick would say, a little “Charlie Sierra”) and it’s clear that Mizuno has “gotten it” all along.

They been  different kind of company from the start — forging their own pathway with unique kinds of shoes for all kinds of runners. I’ve mentioned before that several years ago when I was searching for my next pair of running shoes — I chose a brand I’d never heard of because it just felt right. Mizuno was that brand and I’ve never gone back.

Lightweight, naturally minimal in style and available for every kind of foot, I think it’s time for some of you to give up the Nike’s and try something new. Now — you have the chance!

Wearing my all time favorite pair of running shoes (Yes, Mizunos) at my best race ever! (2011 Baltimore Marathon).

Through Mizuno’s “Mezamashii Project,” I’ve been provided the opportunity to give out 10 invitations for a free pair of shoes. Mizuno knows the enthusiasm and excitement in the blogosphere and they want you to be a part of their vision.

Their catch phrase is “A Brilliant Run” and captures the essence of a runners high — when you feel like you could run forever and conquer the world. Been there? I have. Have you ever been running and gotten a fabulous idea or found the ambition to take a giant leap in your life? I have.

Are you a “passionate running enthusiast?” Then, this project is for you. If you would like a chance to be invited to Mezamashii and participate in this cool experience, I’ve got an opportunity for you! Not only will you be given a free pair of Mizunos of your choice, but you’ll join an community of runners that truly “get” the brilliant run. 

Read to be invited to an exclusive running family & get a FREE pair of Mizuno Running Shoes? Here’s what you can do:

1) Copy & paste this tweet: I believe in a #brilliantrun with @MizunoRunning and @ErickaAndersen — WIN these shoes! #fitfluential http://bit.ly/N3OgGe

2) LIKE my brand spankin’ new Facebook Fan Page (please! 🙂

3) Leave a comment on this post telling me what makes a BRILLIANT RUN for you!

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*This contest ends July 14, 2012. I have received free product from Mizuno but this post was not compensated and does reflect my honest feelings about Mizuno!

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