Hi everyone! I am Michelle from That’s so Michelle and also Ericka’s best friend! While she is in Africa (she comes back soon and I can’t wait to see photos and video from her trip) she asked me to write a guest post and I immediately knew I wanted to talk about my exercise routine and diet while getting ready for my wedding.

Like most soon to be brides I started thinking about going on a diet before I even considered save the date cards. Considering that I was a size zero when I met my almost hubs and now I am a size four (it’s called happy weight), I had some serious work to do if I wanted to be back to that size for my wedding photo books.

I could ramble about this forever so I decided to break it all down in a top seven list for you:

1. Start Early: I am just finding the routine that is right for me now… two weeks out from my wedding. I started about 3 months ago and I wish I had started earlier. I would be in better shape at this point.
2. Change your “Happy Hour” After watching my fiance lose tons of weight before the wedding due to all the sports he plays with his friends I realized that guys get together and “play ball” for their socializing time.
Women, we get together and drink wine and eat cheese. (That’s me, our friend Maggie and Ericka below, indulging in margaritas!) Lately I’ve been meeting up with my girlfriends and going on walks and catching up that way instead. We actually see each other more now and it’s free!  

3. Don’t be too hard on yourself I tried the 30 Day Shed. It’s a great workout, but I was seriously beating my self up if I missed a day. I tried to do it in the morning before work, but if I was too tired and slept in I felt like a failure right off the bat to start my day. That sucked. Most of the time I was too tired to do it after work (I get home at like 7pm) It wasn’t the work out that was hard it was my schedule.
Until I stopped putting so much pressure on myself I was totally depressed about it and it was counter productive. 

4. Try new things: I tried a bunch of workout plans and diets until I finally found something I could do everyday and actually enjoy. Ericka has told me before that a good diet and exercise really need to be something that fit into your lifestyle and can become part of your everyday not just “for now”. She was so right!
I found that I can run during my lunch break and shower in our locker room at work. I am pretty lucky to have that option I know, but it’s when I have the most energy and it’s really been working. I actually look forward to my lunch time run, and I’m not really a “runner” not like Ericka is at least.
5. Have these at home I mean … you can fulfill your chocolate craving in 35 calories!!! Can’t go wrong there. These have been my best friend since day one.

6. Eat right  It’s true what they say “You lose weight in the kitchen and get fit in the gym” If it helps here has been my meal plan for the most part.  
Breakfast: One small iced coffee with skim milk and sugar.  Two hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper 

Lunch: Anything under 400 calories (lately it’s been the veggie delight toasted with cheese and avocado at Subway)   

Dinner: We do burgers on the grill, no bun. We do lots of cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Grilled chicken or salmon. Allow yourself a decent dinner, but no pasta, breads, heavy cheeses, and certainly NO FAST FOOD. I have a Popsicle after dinner and then I’m good for the night!
    7. Have a support system I have Ericka and my fiance and I am thankful for that. Even just coming to “The Sweet Life” and reading about how motivated Ericka is about exercise and how healthy she is has helped me. (Having her around all the time is pretty awesome too!)

    Also Pinterest boards that you can go to for food or workout inspiration help too (here is mine I call it “Thinspiration”)