Me (in purple) running the North  Face Endurance Challenge this weekend.

I realized something — I feel better overall when I run more than I have been. With so much crossfitting, my running has really taken a back seat. But after doing a few solid, hard runs in the past couple of weeks, I remembered how spectactularly awesome it is — and how nothing nothing nothing can replace that feeling.

That being said, I’m getting pumped up for marathon training when I get back from Africa. I’m kind of dreading those early morning Saturday wake ups but I know it will be worth it. Collapsing on the couch after a solid 20-miler is one of my favorite feelings in the world 🙂

This morning, I managed to get in both Crossfit & a good, short run. Workout of the Day:

5 Rounds for Time
— 15 Kettlebell swings
–20 Medicine ball sit ups
— 25 Double unders

Run: 4-mile run, fairly hard

#PROOF: Just after my awesome workout this morning!

My legs were definitely tired from a kick-ass squat work out at Crossfit on Tuesday (think front squats, back squats, overhead squats to the max!). The best kind of sore though, you know?

And, actually, when I started running after class, I felt a little hungry. I debated on whether or not I really wanted to do this run. But the sun was shining and I had some extra time. I also thought of the article I read in the latest “Runners World,” called “Running on Empty” — a plan that trains your body to run on less or no fuel to train for hard moments in races. I thought….might as well! Couldn’t find the article online but Janae featured it here.

It wasn’t the most pleasant run ever but I felt awesome when I was finished and was so glad I did it. I really just kept thinking about how I was going to reward myself with a bowl of Cinnamon Pecan granola for breakfast — it so worked! (and the cereal was amazing!) See here & go buy:

I am planning on going to the 5:15am Crossfit tomorrow morning if I can swing it. I’m being picked up from home at 7:15am to go to the airport for a flight at 11:!5am straight to Ethiopia. There, we have a layover, then fly six more hours to Burundi. From Burundi, we will drive across the border to Uvira, Congo!

Many thoughts are swirling in my mind about the trip. As it relates to fitness….I am fully prepared not to do exercise for the full 10 days if necessary. However, if it’s possible to do some simple things in my room like push ups, sit ups and other strength conditioning moves, I will. It’s not that I “have to” work out, it’s just that it makes me feel my best and I certainly want to be the best I can be while I’m there.

*ATTENTION: While I’m away, I have several guest posters filling so please continue to check back at The Sweet Life! Runners, crossfitters, curious triathaletes, pregnant people and anyone slimming down for a wedding will definitely find something they can use in the coming days here so don’t forget!

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