The Pink

Ain’t that a pretty set up? This weekend was Michelle’s bridal shower — the very first I’ve ever thrown. It’s funny because I’ve been in at least 8 weddings but have never been the Maid of Honor so I’ve never been responsible for this kind of stuff.

Michelle isn’t having bridesmaids so I’m still not but…as her closest friend in DC, it was up to me to get this gig going. It was actually really fun going to the party store and trying to decide how to make things look. I happily let her make her own cake — which turned out AMAZING. I wouldn’t even venture to make an ombre cake but as usual, hers was awesome.

I’ll let you head over to her site to check out the rest of the party but wanted to showcase a couple of the photos I took here.

The Blue

In other exciting news — my nephew was born yesterday! I’m now an Aunt x 2, this time to my other sister, Lindsey — who had Marshall Allen Hein via c-section yesterday morning. I couldn’t be more excited and am only sad I couldn’t be there to welcome him to the world.

I am biased but I think he is cuter than most newborns though they all do have that vague alien look to them, right? Ha ha. My sister is happy and all went well. And guess what? She ran 3 miles the day before giving birth so there’s a trooper for ya! (see her post about running while pregnant here.)

Also fun is this video she made three days before with her friends on a Batchelorette boat party. I love that this was happening and it’s kind of funny too (she’s in the background with the green tube thing):

That being said, I’m a happy Auntie and can’t wait to go see this guy but I have to wait until September to do it so I’ll just rely on some Skyping till then.

Photo Love

Me, Michelle, Maggie

As more people add their Congo photos, I see some that I didn’t even know were taken — which are often the best. Despite my disappointment in losing the photos and video from my phone, I am happy to see ones like this that are popping up:

Do you have nieces or nephews? Aren’t they so special? I love it! Tell me about yours!
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