*From Ericka: While I’m away, I have some awesome guests filling in for me. Please be sure to visit Ashley’s blog after you read her post today! Thanks & see ya soon!
Hi guys! I’m Ashley from Ashley and Dizzle.
I love to blog about CrossFit, running, being a wifey to Dizzle, and trying to keep up with our crazy golden retriever pup, Olivia. 
I’m so excited (this is my FIRST guest post!!) to be posting for Ericka while she’s on vacation. 
Anyone who does CrossFit or lifts weights knows ALL about getting calluses on their hands.
When those calluses build up they can tear. And that hurts. Trust me. I’ve done it a time or two.
And no girl wants callused man hands. 
After I ripped my calluses off last time, I decided I needed to take better care of my hands.
I thought I was doing a good job. My friend mentioned THIS video to me. And it pointed out a few things that I was missing. 
The video is a little long… and kind of slow moving. 
I’ll shorten it up for you guys.

1. If you are going to use chalk, wash your hands as soon as you are done with your workout. Chalk is very drying to your hands. 
2. Use a callus shaver (#1 in my photo) a few times a week. I always use mine in the shower. 
I just scrape left to right across the top part of the palm of my hand. 
Don’t scrape too hard, you want SOME of the callus left to protect your hands. I usually do this once or twice a week. 
3. I use the grind stone, the black block, (#2) every day in the shower. 
I scrape across the palm of my hand and my fingers, too. I was lucky enough to win a RIPT Kit (by posting this photo to their FB page!) 
That’s Olivia’s nose… checking out my awesome rips. CrossFitters are weird, as much as it sucks to tear a callus,  we view ripped calluses a badge of pride! 

4. After I get out of the shower I will use the Grind Stone (#3) on my hands. It can feel really greasy at first, but soaks in quickly. 
I work at a medical clinic, so my hands are super dry from the constant hand washing. 
I also keep the Daily Dose (from RIPT) in my pocket and will swipe that across my palms a few times a day. 
Since I’ve been doing all of these things my hands have been in much better shape.
I haven’t ripped in a few months and my hands are a lot more lady-like. 
Which Diz definitely appreciates. 😉
Do you guys have any tips for me? 
Any special tricks for keeping  your hands smooth and soft, but still strong enough to kick butt at the gym?
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