*Don’t miss Part I and Part II of my Congo Journey story!*

I’ve no doubt more inspiration is to come from this trip. As bits and pieces come back to me in unexpected moments, I will remember what I felt, smelled, learned, heard and loved. This trip will be with me for the rest of my life. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to go back to Congo — or Africa — again. It’s always “maybe the last time” which is always a little scary.

Today, I am thinking about my 5 teammates who remained for an extra week and will start their travel home tomorrow. They are a world away and I can’t believe just seven days ago, I was there too.

It’s hard thinking that the faces will fade and the reality of every day life is back with a vengeance. Not that I don’t love my every day life but…it’s all a little different, more layered with meaning, after experiencing this kind of thing. That’s why I’m glad I did take more video than I normally would to remember it. I wanted to share a couple of extra ones that didn’t make the original cut:


Kids learning English: 

My sad attempt at jump roping with the girls 🙂

A drive through town!

A failed attempt at Update #3:

Hope you enjoy some of that! All the videos I’ve uploaded thus far can be found on my YouTube channel, here. 

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