One of my favorite photos from Congo.

Hi everyone! I am back and wanted to pop in and say hello before the day got away. Long story short, I had an AMAZING  time in the Congo and cannot wait to tell you more about it. There’s so much to say I don’t know where to begin but I can’t get into the details right now.  

While I was away, I had some great posts that I hope you checked out! In case you missed it, please please do read the following:

Thanks to you awesome ladies for stepping in! As for Congo updates on the quick related to fitness/food — I took a break from workouts and food worries for the most part and it was a welcomed sabbatical! But, let’s just say that eating white bread, rice & beans as your only food for 10 days doesn’t exactly do wonders for energy levels. I was happy to get back to fruits and veggies 🙂

So much to tell you guys but it will have to wait. Thanks for sticking with me and for all your tweets and Facebook love too! I will have more photos, updates, etc. coming this week so stay tuned!

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