This week, I had the chance to write about Back on My Feet for The Foundry, the blog I help run at The Heritage Foundation. I was really excited to spread the love for BoMF  in a new venue and wanted to share part of the post with you:

If you told recovering alcoholic and drug addict Hermon Blount a year ago that he’d soon be getting up 3 or 4 days a week at 5:30 a.m. to run, he may not have believed you.

That was before he decided to quit drinking and using drugs in exchange for something better. Part of Blount’s ongoing recovery process can be attributed to the early morning workouts he does with a national, nonprofit organization called Back On My Feet (BoMF).

BoMF exists to promote self-sufficiency for formerly homeless and often drug-addicted community members through running. It requires a serious running commitment from participants and relies heavily on dedicated volunteers. Despite high relapse rates among the drug-addicted population in America, BoMF boasts a 50 percent success rate for their members moving from dependency to a sober, independent lifestyle.

Read the rest here. 

Here’s a (blurry — sorry!) photo of the guy from the story, Hermon, and I. I was paired up with Hermon in the beginning of my volunteering and since then, he’s become a friend. Right now, he is interviewing for jobs and he always has the best attitude in the mornings. He usually leads our warm ups and our cheer at the end of practice each day.

Yesterday, when I spoke with him about this article, he told me in a voice full of confidence at that he was “done with that life” in reference to drugs and alcohol. It’s been a joy getting to know him — someone I never would have met without Back on My Feet. Same goes for most everyone on our team.

In case you missed the video from this year’s Birthday Bash, check it out here:

Today’s Workout

Crossfit WOD: Warmup, 15 minute, 15 rounds of 15 double unders/3 clean snatches (love these!)
Run: 5-mile run in the glorious morning sun!

Analysis: On Tuesday, I completed a 5-mile run on the treadmill before Crossfit. I don’t think I’ll be trying that one again. Though Crossfit is short, it is intense and to be worth it — it really requires ALL of me. After today’s WOD, I still felt pretty jazzed and decided to take on running outside because I really wanted to. It felt great! I just need to remember that if it doesn’t feel great, there’s no need to add on to my Crossfit workouts.


Heading to New York this weekend for a roommate reunion! Though I work with Michelle daily, getting the three of us together is like old times. Plus, Heather is a real New Yorker so this time when I go I’ll actually be with someone who knows where to go!

Watch out New York — we are coming for you tomorrow!

I’m excited eating some Grey’s Papaya, a bagel from a street vendor and having a picnic in Central Park!

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