This weekend was my sister Lindsey’s baby shower. I came home just to be there and it was such a cute little day. Her friend Sarah put most of it together and true to Lindsey’s request, it was co-ed and more like a cookout party than an actual shower.

Obviously, she’s having a boy but they are having trouble picking out a name. Always fun to hear names suggested. Some I’ve heard include William, Jeremiah, Denver, Israel, Elliot, Max, Theodore and more. What are your favorite boys names? She’s due July 1st so we have a little time!

There was a lot of little Indiana University (IU) gear gifted for Baby Hein. We grew up in Bloomington, home of the university so fans are major around here. This kid is born an IU fan that’s for sure.

The parents-to-be. It was nice for them to be able to celebrate at their house in Indianapolis, since they normally travel to Bloomington for everything family-related. They have a cute little house and the baby’s room is crazy adorable already.

This chalkboard is actually the wall above the crib — an idea Lindsey said she found on ( Never Home) Maker. I love that she found the idea on a blog because of course I’ve been sharing my love of the blogosphere forever. I sent Never Home to her back when she first found out she was pregnant because I knew this runner couple had a new baby and seemed very similar in personality to Linds & Glenn.

We kept it super classy with a game of flippy cup, too. Lindsey and her other pregnant friend played with water and still had a blast. I feel like every time I go to any kind of party back home, flippy cup somehow ends up happening.

Giovanna cutey face still stole the show for me. She just keeps getting cuter. We honestly can just sit around and watch her play and sing and talk for hours. I’ve never been fascinated by a kid before but she takes the cake. There really is something special about nieces and nephews, which is why I’m so glad there’s another one coming so soon!

Lindsey & I. We forgot to grab one with sister #3 but I thought this one was good. I have definitely been touching her stomach a lot, just waiting for this little guy to kick or hiccup or move. One more month and he’s gonna be in her arms — such a crazy weird thought. No matter how many times you see babies grow, it’s always strange and miraculous to think about how we come into this world!

Customary family pic. I was sad Rick couldn’t make it this weekend so he is missing but we did the best we could! It turned out to be such a great day — despite the uber hot weather. I actually enjoy sweating it up and feeling super summery.

A few more:

We are ready to welcome this kid into the world. I’m very curious what we will call him 🙂 One more month!

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