*All photos courtesy of Michelle!

New York City! This weekend, I Mega-bussed it up to New York to visit Heather, who lives in Astoria. Being in New York always feels like a foreign country to me and I love it.

I love all the little independently owned shops, restaurants and trinket stores. I love that everyone dresses way cooler than me. I LOVE the bagels! Seriously, DC, can you please hook a girl up with some decent bagels. I literally haven’t found one yet. So I savored the one I got. By the way, the bagel store offered about 50 kinds of cream cheese — including pecan pie flavored!

I love all the different little pubs — including this one that Heather’s brother bartends at. How cute! They are 100% Irish (born there in fact!) so its’ only appropriate. Plus, this place is around the corner from Heather’s apartment. Another about NYC that’s crazy to me is that bars are open until 4am. That just seems insanely late to me! If you ever find me in a bar at 4am — it cannot be good! Luckily, we called it a night at 2, which was way too late anyway!

Enjoying brunch at the Athens Cafe. It was amazing! Usually omelets at brunches are so-so for me but this omelet — made with Muenster cheese was seriously the best I’ve had. They had like five kinds of mimosas to choose from too — I got peach — yum!

It was a fantastic, short weekend with two of my best friends. It’s sad having Heather so far away but New York isn’t too bad. We also went to a big outdoor Beer Garden where everyone sat at picnic tables and watched a massive screen for the hockey playoffs (DC v. NY — we lost!)

Michelle and I mega-bussed it back to DC in the morning...hoping to get some semblence of a day back in DC. Luckily, we’ll get to see Heather again very shortly for Michelle’s sweeeet sunrise wedding. Cannot wait!

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