Okay so definitely had a major case of the blahs yesterday. I was convinced I’d never want to exercise or run again in my entire life. I wanted to do nothing but sit on the coach, eat an entire bag of chips and watch “Sex and the City.”  (Ended up watching “Tiny Furniture” — the movie by Lena Dunham who created the new show “Girls” that everyone is obsessed with. Everyone meaning girls in their 20s/early 30s.) Oh — and it was sufficiently depressing for my mood 🙂

Two good things happened, though. One — I didn’t make myself exercise because I felt so tired. I remembered that I have the freedom to choose — it’s not a requirement. 

Two — I did not give into the food that was calling my name. I just wanted that sugar to sink into my bones and numb my brain full of blah-ness. But I didn’t.

In turn, I was able to wake up today without a “sugar hangover,” get a good night of sleep, feel energized for Crossfit and not feeling bad for overeating.

I mean, I did suck down two large glasses of Sprite Zero and a bag of Smart Popcorn to keep my mouth occupied but…it worked for the most part.

Oh so what’s up with this sign? I saw it, loved it and had to post. I mean, hello! I love todays because I get another one!

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