Like many of you, I’ve been excited about all the awesome brand campaigns going on lately. My interest was especially piqued by Saucony’s #FindYourStrong project after our friend, Dorothy, debuted their sweet video series! (and then, of course, proceeded to dominate a 3:11 marathon!)

Well, Saucony has not let up on us find our strong since then! This week, the theme is all about your favorite running songs. Well, good golly, how in the world to you pick something like that? There are so many! I have about six running playlists on my ipod, all put to very good use on a regular basis.

But it actually wasn’t that hard to narrow down my favorite. In fact, I chose this song to cross the finish line at my second marathon to. No, I don’t always listen to music during races or marathons. In fact, normally I don’t. But this particular marathon felt really difficult in the beginning so I relented and it ended up being the right decision for me at the time.

I knew this song was on the playlist I was listening to. Of course you can’t time these things specifically when I hit my last 1/2 mile, I turned to the epic song. Unfortunately, my life is NOT just like a movie and the song ended before I actually finished the marathon. So…I just hit repeat and then my life was like a movie.

I charged up that last, looming, large hill in the Marine Corps Marathon — the one that takes you straight upwards to cross the finish line to some nicely dressed Marines to adorn you with the prized medal.

This song propelled me up the hill. I can’t imagine what my face must have looked like. It’s at this point in MCM that you are literally surrounded by your adoring fans strangers that probably don’t know you. They are higher then you and close to the finish line area is packed solid so you basically feel like you are in the Olympics. Combined with this song, I was almost convinced I was running to win the gold in the last .2 miles.

So — are you ready to find out what my favorite running song is?

“When I arrive, I bring the fire make you come alive, I can take you higher! What this is, forget? I must now remind you: let it rock, let it rock!”

Because DUDE — when you are running up the hardest hill of your life, all you want to scream is “I BRING THE FIRE!!!!”

And for me, running is all about “coming alive” and going “higher.” These lyrics combined with the beat make it my favorite running song. And, it most definitely helps me find my strong.


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