Woo have I been getting the Crossfit soreness lately! Seems like every class we’ve been doing a new move that causes me pain for the next four days. Last week, I really worked my trapezoids — something I may have never done in my life and they were achy for the whole week!

Another day, I did at least 150 squats and began doing assisted pull-ups instead of ring rows, which are a little harder. As I get closer to beginning fall marathon training, I’m thinking seriously about how I will take care of myself properly, especially if I decide to take on Crossfit Endurance Training. Today’s workout:

1400M Run
5 x 10 Clean Press
5-mile run (I added this in addition to Crossfit)

Marathon maniac Skinny Runner seems to swear by and live in compression gear between marathons (like every weekend sometimes!) — so she’s the first that got me really considering it. I was wondering what in the world this stuff did. Months ago when I first sent this question out to the Twitter world, Tommie Copper saw my tweet in the abyss and answered that I should give it a try.

Strong legs doing it up with compression gear!

It took me a few months to finally give in. Tommie Copper was awesome enough to send me a pair of compression shorts and calf sleeves. They can explain the “copper” aspect of better than me:

This unique compression uses multi-directional support and proprietary copper-infused yarn to provide relief from arthritis and other joint pains, promote muscle recovery and reduce inflammation all while being comfortable enough to be worn throughout the entire day.

What what? Yeah, way to scienc-y for me to understand. But not too complicated for me to feel the results. And, copper is apparently a bad-ass natural element that is important for our bodies. That’s what makes Tommie Copper different from other brands of compression. What does copper to do for you?

  • Helps the growth, development, and maintenance of bone, connective tissue, brain, heart, and many other body organs. 
  • Involved in the formation of red blood cells, the absorption and utilization of iron, and the synthesis and release of life-sustaining proteins and enzymes. 
  • Helps produce cellular energy and regulate nerve transmission, blood clotting, and oxygen transport.
  • Stimulates the immune system to fight infections, repair injured tissues, and promote healing.
  • Helps to neutralize “free-radicals” which can cause severe damage to cells.

So I basically wore this stuff for 24 hours straight and did feel relief afterward. My thought is that you need to wear it consistently and really pay attention to how your body feels depending on the exercise. Just knowing that my body is retaining this important element is a great feeling. Psst — check them out on Facebook for updates! Also, Montel Williams and Tommie Copper are BFFs!

What’s For Dinner? 

Last night, I made these amaaahhzing burgers for the second time. If I make something two weeks in a row, you KNOW it’s really good. The combination of rosemary with cranberries and walnuts in this is perfect. Add that lucious brie cheese and you are in chicke burger heaven. Sadly, I completely forgot to take photos BOTH times I made it (how this happens, I do not know). So here’s a pic from the original over at “Pass the Sushi”: 

Silly News

I meant to share this with you all long ago but spaced it. So…a couple of weeks ago I went to Charlotte, NC for a political blogger conference. I was so happy to be able to visit Charlotte again because it’s such an adorable little place. While I was there, I might have visited the Whiskey River Saloon. I also might have taken a turn on my first mechanical bull:

Feel free to disregard my friends’ commentary 🙂 Oh wow!

QUESTION: Do you use compression gear? If so, please tell me how it’s affected you!
Have you ridden a mechanical bull?! 🙂

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