Do see the 8-month pregnant belly? (Hint: not on me)

Going home this past weekend was awesome but it really threw me off my game. Does anyone else have this problem when they visit home? I live in DC and my family is in Indiana. I hadn’t seen them in nearly six months so I was more than ready to see my people!

When I go home, I struggle because I’m out of routines of food and exercise. It’s always 10 times harder for me to wake up and my legs always feel like molasses. I have no motivation to workout even though it’s exactly what I need to do to get myself on track for the weekend!

I started things off right by waking up the first morning for a slow, hot 3-mile run with Lindsey, who is 8 months pregnant. You will always be the object of attention on the running trail when you are with an pregnant chick running with a dog on a leash to boot. She runs slowly but continues to get her miles in to keep in shape.

And that was the extent of me moving in any meaningful way over the three days I was there. There’s nothing wrong with that but I know I would have felt a heck of a lot better if I had just forced myself to do it. Oh well, what’s done is done.

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this — and the anxiety that comes with visiting family? I have the best family so no complaints there. It’s just that sometimes I all of the sudden feel like I’m 16 again and well, no one likes that!

Despite feeling up and down over the weekend, I was so happy I got to see one of my closest friends the day after she gave birth to her first baby. Allie Bea was born on Saturday, May 26th and luckily, “Auntie” Ericka was there to stop by the hospital.

Her Momma (Britney) looked amazing and it was so great that I was in town to meet the baby right away. Sometimes I get home so rarely that it takes forever for me to catch up with things. Precious! Here’s Britney holding her babe:

I can’t say enough wonderful things about my niece, Giovanna. She is just a beautiful wonder and I spent most of my time just watching her play and sing and eat and talk.

She is the center of our world and we often see her do something cute and then just cast knowing glances at one another — she’s ours! Okay, not really, but she is blood-related and she’s one of us. Was there ever a kid so adorable? Not that I know of.

I kept trying to get the perfect video of her but it wasn’t happening. Nevertheless, here is one of her singing “This Little Penny” with my Grandma, who G calls “Mimi.” My Grandma has been singing this song since I can remember…probably to my Mom when she was kid and definitely to us as babies.

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