It’s our birthday! It was about a year ago that I decided on “The Sweet Life” and began my healthy living blogging journey. I’ve loved every minute and met so many great people along the way. I’ve said it before but this community has been a godsend.

I love keeping up with all of your lives and learning from people each and every day. I have discovered so many kindred spirits through blogging and hope some of you have enjoyed reading my little blog on occasion. 

#1 Post of All Time on The Sweet Life: 7 Rituals for Running When You’re Unmotivated

In celebration, I’d like to list a few of my favorite posts. Going through the whole role, I realized all my favorites — for the most part — have been about running. It’s really interesting to see how you and your blog evolve over time.

When I started, I thought every one did the life-casting thing but I quickly realized that was not for me. I like to go deeper into most posts and write about things that represent something bigger. Not always but mostly. Because I don’t keep a journal anymore, I’ve used the blog as a creative outlet and hopefully, someone else got something out of it too.

My Favorite Posts

This is one of the proudest, best days of my life. It’s my marathon PR for a really tough, hilly marathon that I trained my heart out for. Nothing compares to that feeling.

I wrote this post when I became a Fitfluential Ambassador and got so much positive feedback from people in my life. People who I hadn’t heard from in years sent me Facebook messages to say it was inspiring. It really motivated me to keep doing this kind of blogging. 
This post is special to me because it tracks my journey from lazy runner to marathoner with goals. I think every runner’s journey is interesting and this is mine. 
I’ve written a handful of posts on Congo now. I’m proud of all of them but this one just stuck out to me. I related so much to Lisa Shannon and felt real conviction about why I’m doing what I’m doing this summer.
I had no idea I would write this post when it just came pouring out of me. When I ran around DC on 9/11 last year, it was nearly a spiritual experience. I value this post. 
This was really recent but I so enjoyed writing it and remembering some of my life’s greatest experiences — including skydiving, traveling to the Middle East and more. I was so inspired by the video included in here.
So much fun writing this post. Of course I adopted the idea from the “Sh*t Girls Say” video phenomenon but it turned out to be pretty funny in the end. Runners — you will appreciate this one!
This post really showcases my passion for running through the lens of my growing up years. As a child, I was a gymnast (not a great one) and I was so excited to be able to transfer that former love to another as an adult. 
I have been to a ton of political conferences with political bloggers. This was my first with just healthy living bloggers and I loved it! It was amazing to meet so many great ladies who I have so much in common with. HLS really inspired me to continue with my blog and gave me some great ideas for the future. 
A list we should all make — including all kinds of photos of the younger me 🙂 I like this reflective post as I look back on my life and think about all the mistakes I made. Maybe you can learn from them. 
Gotta thank the girl who finally got me to start doing this thing: 

Thanks to everyone who joins me in this crazy thing called life. It’s a sweet one! 🙂
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