Hi, my name is Ericka and I’m addicted to sugar. If you’ve ever seen me drink a lemon drop, you know I lick the sugar around the rim completely. Who does that? I do the same with salt on margaritas.

So…experiment week — kinda. Last week, I went a little crazy pants and complainy on you about feeling frustrated about my body. Long story short, I just don’t eat as “right” as I need to. The big conclusion of the day can be summed up in one word: protein. I can eat tons of fruits and veggies (I tend to eat more fruit than veggies, btw) but if I’m not giving myself any protein, I’m really missing out.

Now that I’m building muscle and attempting to end true overindulgence, I have to let go of some of my favorite things. I’m used to eating 2 granola bars a day. I’m used to eating way more than my share if sugary fruit every day. I’m used to snacking on several mini-candy bars throughout the day. I’m used to adding drizzles of honey to anything and everything.

Getting over my craving for sweet granola bars is tough.

This week I’m on what we’re calling “The Rick Diet,” since my boyfriend is really who inspired it. Being a man, he was able to lose 15 pounds in like three weeks starting the minute he cut out a couple of things: beer and carbs during the day. He eats eggs for breakfast and a grilled chicken spinach salad for lunch (with some snacks, he’s a big guy.) Sometimes it seems so easy for him to “just say no” to dessert. I make cupcakes or there are brownies somewhere, he just says no as if he were being offered a plate of asparagus. I hope to gain at least a little of that.

So, for at least five days to start, I’m doing it:

— Mini-Clif bar pre-workout
— Green Juice with kale, cucumber, romaine, pear and celery
— 2 eggs
— 2 cups of coffee
— V-8
— apple
— spinach/kale salad with grilled chicken & carrots
— banana

— Greek yogurt cup
— Green Juice #2
— Dinner: One healthy portion of whatever: main meat, veggie and one starch.
— If I must have a snack, green tea and 1 mini-bag of SmartPopcorn.

I’m not being a huge stickler on dinner because I do not want to get obsessive — and I can get that way. It’s hard for me to find balance and moderation but I’m going to do my best. I believe in just one week I will see a difference in my stomach and as Crossfit continues, my body will begin to look more toned as I phase out all the excess sugar, etc.

So, here’s to moderation, self-control, self-discipline and weaning myself off the sugar (my drug of choice.) Wish me…hard work 🙂


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