1. New Recipe: Skinny Broccoli Chicken Alfredo

I’m not the kind of person that like to make the same thing twice very often so I’m constantly searching for new recipes. Easy is good and this one struck my fancy! Then, I randomly noticed that it was actually by Courtney — total surprise!

Check out the recipe for an easy, low-fat, delicious version of chicken pasta alfredo made with Fage yogurt. It really tasted like good alfredo and I didn’t miss the extra fat one bit!

2. Meeting Condi!

I was so excited last week when I got the chance to meet former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. She was at my office for a speech and then the staff did a one-on-one interview with her — for which I was present. Of course, I shamelessly introduced myself and asked for a photo 🙂

I’ve always admired Condi for being a strong, female leader but after finishing her book recently, my respect level rose to great heights. She is kind, humble, smart, insightful and it’s clear she has an energy and vigor for life that many people lack. Getting a glimpse into the personalities of world leaders and into the thought process for someone in her position was fascinating. And of course she was gracious and kind in person as well!

3. Best Commercial Ever?


This sweet and sentimental commercial for the 2012 Olympics is all about Moms and you can’t watch this without tearing up. There’s always something about Mom and these clips get to the heart of it. With Mothers Day & the Olympics coming up, the people at P & G had a genius idea with this advertisement. I dare you to watch it without wanting to call your mom immediately!

4. Airport Food

Does anyone else stress about what to eat at the airport? I’m surrounded by Cinnabon and Five Guys and McDonalds and seriously struggle with what to choose. Part of me always wants to say…”it’s kind of like vacation — get whatever.” The other part says, that’s a bad way to start your trip! Plus, trying to decide how hungry I am and guesstimate the nutritional value of different items is a stressful situation.

I ended up in line at some chicken place all prepped to order a sandwich but froze at the last minute and just got a large fruit cup, water and a granola bar. I know this is not normal…ha ha, but instead of picking something I might regret, eat too much of, or dislike, I went with the old “safe” standard and figured I’d get something for dinner when I had more time & less stress!

That’s kind of how I felt about this choice.

5. Yummy New Drink

One thing I really love about blogging is the opportunity to try out new products that I wouldn’t ordinarily buy — or even know of — unless the brand ran across my blog. Such is the case with Dahlicious, which makes what they call, “Authentic Indian Lassi.”

From the site: What is lassi? A Probiotic blend of Indian-style yogurt and real fruits. This traditional drink, with 4,000-year history, is now made in Vermont. The secret is Indian-style yogurt. Mild tasting and seriously probiotic. Each batch takes 12-hours to grow billions of live cultures proven to: Boost Immunity, Improve Digestion, and Help Manage Cholesterol.

I remember the first time I had drinkable yogurt. Weird but I was in Holland and it was a treat someone bought me from the little market store. I loved it! It’s been years since I have really had it but this stuff was the real thing. I really enjoyed it and would recommend if you are a yogurt person.

6. Why Not?

FREE: Simple Faith Practices for Busy MomsYes, please!