Crossfit Goddess Annie Thorisdottir


Crossfit Update

Tuesday’s Crossfit work out was awesome: We did bar squats — which were hard but felt good — and hand stand pushups. I had to use a box but I felt the great kind of sore afterward.

Then, yesterday, I got up to run with Back on My Feet, where I did 3 miles of hills and completed the workout with 25 minutes elliptical. That’s when things started going downhill.

My back started irritating me mid-climb and it’s been a problem for the last 24 hours. This morning was my designated morning for Crossfit but when I saw we were doing Split-Jerks, I knew it wasn’t possible. So, I didn’t workout this morning.

I’m okay with that but paying so much for Crossfit, I MUST get in my 3 classes per week. It’s stressing me out. I am going to take it easy today and hope I can go tomorrow.  I continue to love going to Crossfit and am satisfied with my investment decisions but injuries are not part of the plan!

Protein Diet Update

As you know, I’ve been trying to stay on a high protein diet. I haven’t been perfect but I’ve definitely noticed some major differences in my cravings — which is great.

I’ve eaten 2 eggs for breakfast almost every morning, followed by a fruit or two and a grilled chicken spinach salad for lunch (plus another snack).  

My afternoon sugar cravings have all but disappeared! I have little desire to steal mini-candy bars from my co-worker’s jar and it’s easier to get to the end of the day without snacking. This is a real revelation for me.

Having the desire and cutting the action are different though. I have still had some extra sugar but…less and it seems less nagging. A win for the protein diet. If you are battling sugar cravings, give it a try.

Sentiment for the Day

This touching video has been making the rounds but I still wanted to share it. How powerful is music? Extremely and you owe it to yourself to watch this clip and see why. An elderly man in a nursing home — practically incoherent — comes to life when he listens to an ipod playing his favorite songs from the old days. He remembers lyrics, sings tunes and is much more clear, alert and “there” even after the music is turned off.

Want to feel something today? Watch this:

Each day I find new, inspiring, profoundly human stories in my Facebook newsfeed, on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, blogs or elsewhere.

There’s a reason I love social media so much and part of that is connecting with people, hearing stories, I never would have heard otherwise. Social media can inspire the world. It has helped me to understand people I never would have understood. It has given me the opportunity to reach out to those I’d never had thought to connect with. I’m thankful to have it as part of my personal and professional life.

QUESTION: How has social media influenced your life?

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