Whitney, Jen, Me, Lindsey, Shannyn, Frances, Jean, Taishya at Harpers Ferry

So for the first time in years, I went camping! No, I’m not an especially “campy” type of girl but I can rough it and I was pumped to get out into the great outdoors last weekend.

It was awesome because I went with a whole group of new friends that I met through Back on My Feet. Those of us that went are all part of the Core Team — heavily invested volunteers that love BOMF but also love to have a good time.

 We started out at 7am in Bethesda and made the hour long drive somewhere near the Maryland/West Virginia line. It was a gorgeous drive and the weather could not have been more perfect.

After setting up camp, we chilled by the picnic tables, had a pre-noon beer and then grilled hot dogs for lunch. It was glorious to have no schedule, not timetables or commitments — just basking in the awesomeness of an obligation-free Saturday in the woods. Then, we decided to take a lengthy hike to Harpers Ferry.

We took a nice walk to Harpers Ferry and back — a total of abut 7 miles. After that hike — partly on the Appalachian Trail — we were more than ready to come back to the camp site and kick back.

There is seriously nothing like cooking food on the open grill. Obsessed! We also had plenty of treats that Whitney brought and well, basically no one was counting calories with all the beer that was consumed. It was the good kind though — those spring & summer ales with the perfect flavors.

To sum it up, this weekend was full of sunshine, food, fun and laughter. I also figured out how much I love my BOMF teammates. Sometimes you need a little non-regulated fun to really get to know people and this was the perfect opportunity.

I am grateful to be friends with those who share the same passion for BOMF as me — who get why it’s such an amazing program and understand the inspiration and joy that comes with doing it. I really wish I had realized earlier in life to seek out more good people doing good things for others. It’s been a complete blessing. 

Despite having a very rough night of sleep (basically none) and waking up at the crack of dawn to drive home for a busy Sunday, the trip was overall a wonderful time! Plus, I finally got to try one of those silly yoga poses you see people doing on mountains. Kind of an epic fail — but hey, I tried:

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