Larry, Clayton, Lindsey, Thomas, Orlando, Whitney, Donald, Hermon, Gary.

Look at our CSS guys all freshened up for the Back on My Feet Blue & Green Birthday Bash! I’ve been talking about it for months so you knew it was coming and the big party was a smashing success!

It was fun to get dressed up and walk from CSS as a group to the J.W. Marriott, which graciously hosted the dinner fundraiser. There was all kinds of auctions — from silent to regular (and I even put in a bid for the first time!). It was clear BOMF was able to raise some needed funds and we truly appreciated everyone who bought a ticket and was able to so generously donate, bid or buy something.

Hermon, Me, Rick

The best part of the night for me was Rick joining me and hanging out with guys of course. Somehow Hermon, Rick and I got seated at our own table but that was just fine.

Hermon is one of the guys I run with frequently and we email sometimes too. He is doing really well and I can see that BOMF is making a difference in his life. Each day when I leave practice, I pray for the guys I have been running with that day so Hermon has had a lot of prayer coming from me! The good news is that he has applied for a job so may be employed soon!

Donald, Jen, Whitney, Tracey

I also participated in a video tribute they made for the event. If you watch below, you’ll see and hear me in several different segments. A great thanks to Phil, who filmed and edited this video. I hope that everyone in the audience got a better sense of BOMF thanks to this video.

I enjoyed spending time with the guys outside of our runs, though I must say those are some of my favorite times of the day. You can often seem them light up because we are glad to see them in the morning. Having someone that cares to ask how are you in a genuine way can make a big difference. The truth is — it’s not really about the running — but the running is the tool we use to connect with human beings.

As the video says:

Today I was part of a movement that connects people through running and reminds us that while there are so many differences between us, there are so many more similarities. Today was a good day.

Team Clean & Sober Streets

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