Even if you are really, really scared! (I was but it was one of the best things I’ve ever done!)

Now, watch this:  

I’m absolutely in love with this mini-movie commercial. First of all — dream come true. Nike seems to know what they are doing with this advertising stuff 🙂

I know there are plenty of people who wouldn’t want to “buy the ticket, take the trip” but I’m not one of them. I want to go everywhere and meet every kind of person there is. I’m fascinated by different cultures and unique people. Sometimes I’m quite sure life is not long enough for me to have all my adventures — it’s just not.


I mean…if we could all be expected to marry and settle down at 50 instead of 30 — we could do a whole lot more (assuming, of course, fertility & death were both postponed as well…). There are 100 places I want to go that I’ll never see. But, I’m making it count the best I can.

And this video got me thinking about all these famous, inspiring, life-stuffed quotes. Can we stop abusing them? I mean…if you are going to say “Carpe Diem — apply it to something meaningful. Don’t say it just for the sake of saying it!

If everyone would actually think about these quotes and apply them to their lives, we’d all be much richer in the intellectual and meaningful sense. I just see them pasted all over blogs all the time and they are losing their depth — especially when I see like 5 in a row. Each one holds SO MUCH that you water it down by piling on more. You become numb to the power these little words are supposed to hold.

Beruit, Lebanon

At end of the Nike video, the guy gets a tattoo that says “Do More.” Now — not everyone needs that. Not everyone wants that (as I’m learning from reading “Quiet: The Power of Introverts”) but if you do — don’t sell yourself short. DO MORE. Even if you think you don’t, try it.

Innsbruck, Austria

 Every time I do more — run a marathon, try Crossfit, go skydiving, learn about Japanese POW camps, put a desk together, show up knowing no one at a blogger happy hour, jump off a high dive — my life feels layered with evermore meaning, truth, complexity. I have more things with which to measure, compare, think, hope and dream with. These little pieces of life and people make up this really cool quilt of my life.  So I’ll leave you with my ONE quote of the day from the Nike video:

You only live once but if you do it right once is enough — Mae West

Barcelona, Spain
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