I finally realized what it is I love about Crossfit. It’s not the individual moves or the basic garage-like gym setting.  It’s the feeling in the air. When I go to my class in the evenings (re: rarely), the feeling is amplified even more. Everyone is more pumped at the gym in the evenings. The hardcore coaches are there and they are ready to say “WORK!”

Before each workout, I have a nervous rumble in my stomach. My palms are a little sweaty, my body’s amped up and I’m not really sure what to expect. It’s race day feeling. Just before crossing the starting line for a marathon when you hope to do your best but you know it’s going to be really hard. That’s what every day at  Crossfit feels like.

No wonder so many people are addicted to this sport! Today, most of my body is sore in some shape or form. I did God knows how many low squats yesterday. Because I missed a class last week, I have four classes this week and the only way to squeeze them all in (aka: get my money’s worth) was to go to one class last night and and one this morning so that’s two rounds of Crossfit in the span of 12 hours. Yikes! I try to avoid that whenever possible.

I’m dying to be able to do a pull up. I attempt the swing pull ups every time I go but usually stop after two tries because I feel like I look like a silly weakling in front of others. But I honestly feel like if my technique improved, I have the strength to do it. I can tell I’m a little stronger because my push ups are definitely more solid. However, I feel like I need to do some individual work with other moves to get it down. The 45 minutes of class time is just not enough!

The other benefit I’ve really gained from Crossfit is the importance of stretching. I have been a stretch slacker all my life. After my back started hurting last week, I got some help from a coach with important hamstrong stretches. They have made a world of difference.

Apparently, I have extrordinarly tight hamstrings that need to be stretched out twice a day. Since I began doing this intense stretching, the back issue has disappeared. Wow (and thank goodness)! I will no longer resist my stretching obligations — including foam rolling. If I’m going to Crossfit and run all over the place, I have to make it a priority. Injuries happen — and they suck.

 Last thing — when do we get to do THIS exercise?!


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