So my sister’s having a baby, right? It’s baby #2 for our family and we couldn’t be more excited — especially since she had a lot of issues getting pregnant. And this is what I love about family.

A few weeks ago, Lindsey was going to see if she was having a boy or a girl. Of course I’m sad I’m not there for every minute of this so I asked to be on the phone in the room when they found out.

My mom and Glenn (Lindsey’s husband) were in the room and there I was hanging out on speaker. I could hear the thumping of the heart through the phone, imagined the little ultrasound on the screen. Who was this little person?

Not her ultrasound, fyi.

After a few minutes, I heard my sister kind of scream and my mom yells, “We’re having a boy!” And then, I felt like I was tearing up! WE’RE having a boy!

In that moment, something kind of clicked for me. WE are having a boy! Yes, this is Glenn & Lindsey’s child but our entire family gets to relish in the joy of a new life — a new part of our whole family.

When Giovanna was born, I was on speaker phone from DC in the room while I heard everything going on. My mom, my aunt, my grandma and my sister were all in the room with the sister who was giving birth.

We didn’t know what to expect. But — wow — I love that little girl more than I could have ever imagined. We can’t imagine our family without her now. She has brought more joy to my parents, especially, than anything else in the entire world ever could.

So — we’re having a boy. And we couldn’t be more excited. Thanks to my sisters, Lindsey & Shelby, for letting the rest of us share equally in the beautiful lives you have brought to us.

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