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Read to be pampered? I’m joining with Pampered Chef for a fundraiser that will help fund my team’s trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo this June. 

Luckily, a great family member of mine is a seller with PC and offered to set up this show for me. Thank you, Julia!

Friends, if you have ever considered buying a quality pot, pan or kitchen utensil of any kind — now is your chance to buy one that will last a lifetime. I attended a Pampered Chef show several weeks ago and was overwhelmed by how much I wanted to buy it all by the end of the show!

I can’t demonstrate things to you the same way online but I’d encourage you to take a look at what there is to offer and consider making a purchase that will benefit you and me both!

At the show I attended several weeks ago.

How does it work? My GOAL is to sell at least $600 of product during this fundraiser — and every little bit counts (even those garlic presses & cheese graters!) By reaching $600 in sales, I will be able to receive 15% of income for the fundraising portion. With vaccinations costing about $500+, my total monetary expense for the trip is $3,500.

Things to know:

  • You  can combine orders to save shipping fees.
  • Orders can be shipped directly to you, which I encourage for those not in DC. 
  • If $600 is raised, 15% of funds will go to the fundraiser goal. If less, then 10%.
  • The contribution goal is based on the total sales before tax and shipping. All sales must include sales tax. There is no tax exempt status for an individual.

For some reason, I like the “special cutting tools” and “kitchenware” pages. But there is anything and everything you could need and I needed a lot more after I went through this thing 🙂 This half price combo thing is pretty nifty too!

So — are you ready to be pampered? You can see the monthly special and browse the store online here. It’s easy to just place an order and it will noted for my account here. You will see a photo and the name of my cousin, the show’s sponsor, Julia Broadstreet.

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