Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous. I think she looks a lot like one of my best friends, Lindsay, and told her as much the other day. There is something alluring and sexy about both of them both — and they are not stick thin.

However, the New York Times took the lead in body “fat” criticism when they wrote that Jennifer doesn’t look “hungry enough” to play Katniss.  I’m sorry, but — I didn’t think about that once while watching The Hunger Games. And what’s more? When I read the books, I certainly didn’t picture some model-thin character with fat-less arms or jutting cheekbones. I pictured, in fact, someone just like Lawrence. She was a perfect choice.

I guess this is what NYT needed to make the Hunger Games believable.

And it’s not about the movie, you know that. It’s about being celebrity thin — but not so thin they accuse of having an eating disorder of course. Dude, how could you NOT have an eating disorder in that world? Here’s an excerpt from ABC:

Multiple media outlets made mention of Lawrence’s figure in their coverage of the box office phenomenon. The New York Times wrote, “A few years ago Ms. Lawrence might have looked hungry enough to play Katniss, but now, at 21, her seductive, womanly figure makes a bad fit for a dystopian fantasy about a people starved into submission.” The Hollywood Reporter cited Lawrence’s “lingering baby fat.”

Le sigh. I would seriously be a starving b if I had to live in celebrity land. Here we have an awesome, authentic up and coming actress who has made on her actual skills. She isn’t your typical Hollywood golden child and she seems really genuine from interviews I’ve seen and read. You don’t get the prima donna vibe and that’s a win.

I get it — she doesn’t look like she’s starving — but Katniss is a tough girl that shoots, tackles, survives and thrives. A waif-like actress like Keira Knightly wouldn’t really jive. I’m not hating on naturally thin girls. My point is this: the New York Times and whoever else wasted their breath.

It’s hard having “lingering baby fat.”

I’m not pro-fat and I don’t care that skinny girls are the models in all my magazines. When there is a talented new actress on the scene known for her acting prowess and gritty roles — let’s not downsize who she is by criticizing her curves. It’s not the body — or even the face (we all know Meryl Streep is not the world’s most gorgeous, but dang, she can act and we love her!) — it’s the actress. And Jennifer Lawrence does it right.

Maybe the “real” Katniss would be a little skinnier. Who cares? This is a movie, Panem doesn’t exist and Peeta’s only 5’7 (as is Tom Cruise and slew of other actors most girls would never date in real life because of their height.) No one’s talking about that — and please, don’t start.

Would Jennifer Lawrence date Peeta in “real life”?

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