Goals? I hope I look half this good in six months 🙂


I’m learning. I’m learning that I don’t have to do 60+ minutes of hardcore cardio to get my work out in.

I’m learning that there are other ways to push yourself than running and running and running.

I‘m learning that I can do more than I thought I could.

I’m learning that even when I think I can’t do another box jump or squat jump — I can.

I’m learning that I have to stop relying so much on long workouts to burn calories.

Force Control

This is Crossfit and I’m embracing it. Of course I love running and I love the glow and the glory and the inspiration that comes from an awesome workout. But — it is also a control mechanism for me. Because I don’t want to say no to ice cream and snacks and indulging in whatever I want (within reason), I tend to do try and compensate with a lot of long workouts.

Two weekends ago, head out for a random, no-reason 13-mile run. And, yes, I do hate these bathroom shots but you need photos to keep it real, I know 🙂

But, there are a couple of things to consider. One, I’m not doing myself any favors by being gluttonous (and I know the difference between gluttony and dessert). Two, my body needs something different to be at its best — and I believe that Crossfit is going to do that for me.

I went this morning and usually it ends up being about 15-20 minutes of hardcore working out. While I sweat my butt off and burned my thighs down, I still couldn’t get rid of the thought that it was only 20 minutes. Could I really burn off that huge bowl of Snickers ice cream with peanut butter sauce I had last night in that amount of time?

I’m not gonna lie, Breyers ice cream is kind of like my own personal crack addiction.

Beside the point, Ericka. The reality is, I need to stop relating my workouts to my food consumption. Eating healthy and not going overboard should be solids in my life no matter if I’m working out or not — the occasional indulgences welcomed. It becomes a problem when I eat half a pizza and justify it by saying I’m going to run 10 miles in the morning.

So I’m learning. I’m learning to push my body, appreciate it for what it can do, what it is and I’m trying to separate the unhealthy behaviors from the awesome ones. Actually, eliminate the unhealthy ones all together!

Taking Risks

It was a risk for me to sign up for Crossfit. An expensive one. Instead of having an hour and a half to run in the mornings and feel like I’ve sufficiently burned calories, I’ve got a 45 minute class where I’m challenged to kick my own butt so it counts in a another way.

Cause, maybe this (below) — in a way — is just as awesome as crossing that 26.2 mile marker. What’s my 26.2 in Crossfit? I don’t know yet. But I’ll find out.

Do you struggle with “cardio guilt”? Do you ever overeat and justify it by saying you will work it off later?