The view from my gym this morning as I was leaving class. Oh how I love it!

Morning Love

I loved this morning’s Crossfit work out. The best for me is when it’s tough but doesn’t feel absolutely impossible. Some people like to feel like they are going to die — I’m not one of them.

We started with rounds of rowing and planks. Moved on to my first day of clean presses. Oh my gosh, can I tell you how much I loved clean presses? I’m sure I won’t love quite as much when my weight really increases but they are so much fun if you ask me!

Doesn’t that look fun?! 🙂

We did 10 rounds of clean presses and Toe to Bars. The worst thing about toe to bars are your hands rubbing against the bar. I use a lot of chalk but I’m just waiting for the day when my skin rips — taking me back to the good old days of gymnastics. Dang, I remember how much those rips sting! Not looking forward to it and my skin feels supersensitive right now.

I’m loving that this is in our gym. Took it this morning before work out. Didn’t need it today!

We ended with unlimited sit ups for one minute, which was pretty easy. I felt like I got a pretty good workout today so walked home in the glorious sunrise. Oh how I love early workouts and feeling absolutely amazing at 7am on a spring morning. One of the best feelings in the entire world. 

No Drinking

It’s been about 35 days since I’ve had any alcohol (minus literally just a couple sips of a drink on St. Patricks Day) — the longest stretch I’ve gone since 2002, seriously. It has been difficult for me. Many nights after work, I get a serious craving for wine. I’ve grown so accustomed to drinking whenever I want that it’s probably harder for me than others.

I assumed that in a month, it would cause me to lose at least a couple pounds. Combined with Crossfit, I thought I’d notice some kind of real change in my body by now. I’m not really seeing it — only just little tiny bit. This is disappointing. However, my body is used to weird cycles and having always been a dedicated exerciser, it won’t be as noticeable on me. Rick said he thinks I look like I’ve lost a couple pounds and that my arms look smaller. Hmm.

I’ve missed you Belvedere martini straight up with a twist.


I have really enjoyed the benefits of not drinking. Never waking up feeling “under the weather” or worrying about whose driving, staying late, getting up early, etc. It’s just a non-issue. I’d love to be able to give it up for good. However, I know I won’t be able to resist the lure on certain occasions. But here’s the good part — I’ve broken my drinking habit and will do it much less now. I’ve learned not to rely on it after a stressful day and I think this is a wonderful development in my life.


Yesterday, I bought a plane ticket home for Memorial Day Weekend for my sister’s baby shower. I’m so excited. It’s been almost four months since I’ve seen my family — way too long! By the time I get there, it will have been 6 months. I am starting to dislike being so far away from them. As we’ve gotten older, my sisters and their husbands spend a lot of time together with my parents. I am always kinda jealous when they are all watching the IU game together, cooking out, or just chilling at the house.


I have thoughts of moving back home to Indiana and maybe I will sometime. Rick’s family also lives in Indiana and we have talked about it. Though I love my home state, sometimes it just doesn’t seem quite as exciting as a place like DC — or as beautiful as Charleston, SC — where I lived for a year after college. However, I know when I have kids in the hopefully not so distant future, I will crave being near them so we’ll see what happens.

Hunger Games

Lastly, will I go see the Hunger Games this weekend? Probably. I finally got myself to start the last book (I’ve got a long list of reads to get through right no!) and I am looking forward to the movie. I love what my friend Amy wrote about it on our blog yesterday:

“This is the reason the story of The Hunger Games inspires—the timeless truth that freedom is worth fighting for.”

 My the odds be ever in your favor, friends.

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