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I don’t know about you but I’m a coffee-fiend. Just having that mug of steaming deliciousness is an essential part of my morning routine. But after 11:59am, I have to say no way! I need my good night of sleep and giving into caffeine in the afternoon can easily interrupt that precious shut-eye.

But, I still get the 2-3pm slump. I find myself sitting at my desk trying not to nod off in the middle of reading an important article or finishing up a project. It’s SO easy to grab a friend and head to the coffee shop to combat the sleepiness. But I’ve found other ways to win the war of the weary!

         10 Ways to Fight Afternoon Fatigue

1. Crank up the air!

I have a personal air conditioning system in my office. If I start to nod off, I’ll crank up the AC and get a blast of winter chill to perk me back up.

 2. Chug ice cold water.
Like I mentioned in my post about running when you are unmotivated, this trick works for an afternoon punch as well. Pouring ice cold water down your throat shocks your system and causes you to wake up.

3. Run up & down the stairs. 
Get those lungs moving. You already knew this one, right? But, yeah, if I could swear by anything it would be this. Every time, I’ve forced myself to get my heart pumping, energy follows like clockwork. You don’t have to get all hot and sweaty…just a little heavy breathing should do it.

4. Stretch & breathe deeply.
This one always helps me. Do a deep stretch by pulling your arms up over your head, pulling your elbows down on each side and stretching back as far as you can go. Take deep breaths to get heart pumping. A few moments of peaceful meditation can also help to free your mind to work your way through your afternoon lull.

5. Laugh: Find a funny YouTube video. You’ll have to pay attention and you’ll want to once you start wondering what the punchline is.

6. Chew gum or suck on sugar-free candy. It gets your senses going and engages your body physically so you are forced to perk up.

7. Drink tea (preferably green). It has a little caffeine but its full of anti-oxidants and other good-for-you stuff. Plus, you can find caffeine-free versions if you really want to go without.

8. Splash water on your face.
Ladies, I know this isn’t exactly convenient when we have make up on but if gets you inspired to do 2 more hours of solid work, is it worth it? A substitution might be cool wipes that you can wipe strategically.

9. Smell the sunshine! Scents like pineapple, melon and grapefruit naturally wake up our senses. I’d recommend having scented candles or essential oils available at your desk. You can easily light one up or dab a scent on your wrist – or simply open up the cap and breathe deeply.

10. Tug your ears. 
Weird, right? But over the years, I’ve tried it and it works! I wouldn’t call this the long lasting method but if you need a quick perk before heading into a meeting or reading through a report, do it. Somehow, tugging on your ears opens up the passage ways to your eyes. It feels like you are expanding your head for a quick second. I don’t know, it just works!

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