Cheesy chopped chicken enchiladas from Pinterest!

I know what you are going to say. Where’s the running? Where’s the running? And to that I reply…seriously. I’d like to know myself!

Actually, in all honesty, I kind of got my running mojo back yesterday when I ran 8 miles on the treadmill while reading the March issue of Glamour. Thanks Glamour for putting Amanda Seyfried on the cover because I’m in love with her.

Love her love her love her!

Glamour is almost starting to feel to post-college to me — as in, written for 24-year-olds and not people that are, well, not 24 — such as myself. Oh sigh, I remember when I started feeling too old for “Seventeen” — a day I thought would never come. Before I know I’ll be reading “Better Homes & Gardens” and “Readers Digest!”

This is the FIRST issue of “Seventeen” I ever bought. I was only 12 & my Mom was NOT happy when she saw I bought it! I always remember Niki Taylor fondly 🙂

Either way, this Glamour issue inspired me to start trying new things with my existing wardrobe instead of buying new stuff. I’m trying SO hard not to buy clothes right now and be resourceful with belts, layering and items I usually leave lonely in the closet.

Now that I’m on a budget, I’m much more careful about what I spend. I’ve exchanged semi-pricy dinners out for Subway and happy hours for impulse buys at Target for more thoughtful purchases. It’s not easy but I finally have some savings and that feels really good.  Of course these kinds of “impulse buys” sometimes cannot be avoided:

I’m doin’ it. Will YOU be there? Let’s meet up at mile 15! 🙂

You wanna see about these enchiladas? I picked them out from Pinterest, which lead me back to “Pennies on a Platter” for the recipe. I’ll tell ya what — just go there if you want the instructions ’cause they are LOOONG.

I will say I made the sauce as instructed and made a lot of adjustments, like using chicken chopped up in my food processor instead of pork. When you don’t want to go buy every single ingredient at the store, you make do and that’s okay too. It tasted AWESOME.

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