This weekend was fun and gloriously filled with a lot of laziness but wasn’t a nutritional or physical win for me in any way. Feeling sick didn’t help! But, I’m trying to give myself a break because I’ve been sick — and also because I’m not marathon training and it’s still the beginning of February so I don’t have to get rid of my love handles just yet. It’s still not fun to feel yucky because of bad eating choices though 🙁

Friday night, I had a fantastic time joining blogger book club at Gretchen’s house! I said I was “cheating” on my other book club (who I’ve been with for several years)  but for someone who reads as much as I do, two clubs are no problem. We read “The Art of Racing in the Rain” — which I’d already read a couple years ago — and had a great time meeting for the first time (most of us), drinking wine and talking blogs!

Awkward plate, wine, conversation pose. Thanks for the pic, Gretchen!

I woke up feeling totally run down on Saturday with a cold, sore throat and no energy. Thus, I spent about four hours watching a “Parenthood” marathon and finishing season 2. Have you seen this show? It’s incredible! My new favorite, seeing as how I completed watching every episode in just a few weeks. I actually never saw the early 90s movie it is based off of but highly recommend it if you are looking for a new series!

“Parenthood” rocks and the acting is stellar!

Around 3pm, I decided to get out of my pajamas and run some errands with Rick, who had to work most of the day unfortunately. We then made dinner and watched a really cool documentary called “Life in a Day” — a film where different people all over the world all filmed their lives on the same day.

The producers then sliced together hundreds of individual clips to showcase commonalities and differences in the lives of human beings in 192 countries. It’s the kind of film I think should be shown to students across America and I found extremely interesting and inspiring as well.

Soon after, we headed over to Bailey’s in Ballston to watch the UFC fight. Can’t say I’m personally a big UFC fan but Rick is and we met my friend Alexa, her husband and some others for a night out. Unfortunately, the boys wanted to sit in the cigar/smoking half of the bar so we came out smelling terrible and icky looking lungs no doubt. I’ve never been a smoker and sometimes I forget there are people that are because I’m never around smoking anymore! Those clothes needed a good washing after!

There was a lot of this. Maybe I just don’t get it…


On Sunday, I went to our second team meeting for the Congo. I’m really excited about the team because we are incredibly focused on learning the history of the country, staying up with current events, learning the language and really digging deep into this misunderstood place we are going. In fact, tonight I’m attending an optional small weekly small group that focuses exclusively on issues in the Congo. It was started by last year’s team, who all remain heavily invested in pursuing healing, resources, prayer, etc. for this country.

That’s why I know Congo will not just going to be a 10-day trip. It’s going to be a country, an issue, I care about for years to come. This is different than other trips I’ve gone on — it’s a team full of people who want to make a lasting difference. Reading “Blood River” has given me a clear glimpse into the backwards direction Congo has taken, despite the multitude of resources like diamonds, cobalt and more, that exist there.
Some of what the team did last year:

Otherwise, I watched the Superbowl at my house with Rick — meaning I played on my computer and paid attention during the commercials and went to bed before it was over! Sorry, I just can’t make myself get into football. It was one of the only times I’ve not gone to a Superbowl party but thinking back, I never have a great time at them anyway. I always just eat too much and dread having to get up early for work!

Unfortunately, I woke up feeling sick about 2am this morning and was wide awake to watch “The Big Chill” on OWN. Thus, my morning run was nixed in favor of sleeping in a little and now I’m on day 3 of no working out. However, my eating is back on track today (so far.) I’ll just start banking on this one I guess:

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