This is me cheersing (not a word) YOU!

In my last post about some of my favorite blogs to read, I mentioned I’d be doing another segment. The time has come! Due to some of the awesome suggestions from you guys on the previous post, I have some newbies on here as well! I’m so glad I ventured into running blog land a bit more because I feel most comfortable there with my running blogger peeps (though I still love all my HLBs!)

First, I gotta give props to all the awesome DC bloggers. Obviously, the following is not a comprehensive list. I read far more than I’ve linked but I have to say we have a great blogging community here in our nation’s capitol and I’m thrilled to to be a part of it! A few of my daily reads are below!

  • Honey I Shrunk the Gretchen  (DC): After meeting Gretchen in person, I can tell you, her personality matches the fun-loving person you meet on the blog! It’s a good one for smiles and today’s post features a special solo 馃檪
  • Jess Runs  (DC): I met Jess on my way to the Healthy Living Summit last year and am so glad I did. Her focus on training and the things she enjoys doing (like tailgating) are fun and relatable!
  • Carly Bananas (DC): I like that Carly is a newer runner with a realistic view about races & having fun. After meeting her for the first time last week, I can see her funny personality shine through the blog even more. A DC must read!
  • Travel Eat Repeat  (DC): I really love Erin’s “staycation” posts about places to visit in DC — especially her coffee shop posts when she discovers the cute places we all need to try!
  • Going on Goals (DC): Sarah’s true to her blog’s title about goals & I love that! It’s something we should all focus on more — especially me!
  • Run This Amazing Day  (DC): I’m a new reader of this one but really loving Katie’s hilarious posts. Her training and her sarcasm are a blast to read about!

A few of my non-DC loves include the following. I’m a new daily reader of these girls and so glad I recently decided to expand my reading. I’m not going to lie, I had to knock a few blogs that I wasn’t enjoying out of my reader (I’ll never tell!) to make room for those I like better and that’s A-OK! A select few that were bumped up:

Here’s the truth: I have more to add. However, I know how lists are — and how people stop reading when they get too long & I do NOT want to do that because I actually want you to click on these and check them out!

Just small snapshot of a few others. So much to love peeps!

I’m also using this post to tackle the questionnaire that’s been floating around. I actually kind of promised I wasn’t going to do it (but that was maybe only because no one tagged me – until now!). Cie le vie, why not?

11 Random Things

1. I must sleep with socks on every single night. 
2. I have used and relied on a Netti pot — even though it’s yucky. 
3. I used to work at the front desk of a spa in a hotel in Charleston, SC. 
4. I worked at Chick Fil A for three years in high school. Still love it!
5. I had my first kiss when I was 17. 
6. When I was a seven, I wanted to be a “cartoonist” when I grew up. 
7. I almost went to a small, private Christian college but instead went to my hometown pride, Indiana University. 
8. I’ve never plucked, waxed, etc. my eyebrows. I barely have eyebrows. 
9. The only two famous people I’ve been told I resemble are Allison Hannigan & Ariel the Mermaid. 
10. I have freckles & love them. Just wish the sun wasn’t so bad for you!
11. The only foods I really despise are olives & raisins.

1. What is your favorite kind of hummus? Roasted pine nut from Sabra

2. What is your ideal job? Exotic travel writer

3. Where would you like to go for your next vacation? South Pacific Islands.

4. What is one thing you use daily that you could live without? eye depuffer

5. If you could see any Broadway Show which one would you see? Phantom of the Opera

6. What is your all time favorite book? Can’t pick one but will go with “Summer Sisters” by Judy Blume — a timeless fav for me 馃檪

7. Which song would you say describes your life? Small Town by John Mellencamp. I mostly pick this because a) I LOVE the song & Mellencamp & b)part of the video shot in my hometown, Bloomington, Indiana — where Mellencamp lives. Cool thing I’ve waited on him in the restaurant I used to work in. Sad that he got divorced from Elaine and now is seen hanging out in the mall with Meg Ryan!

8. What is your favorite kind of chocolate? Reeaaaallly dark chocolate.

9. If you could only do one type of exercise for the rest of your like which exercise would you pick and why? Running — duh! Cause I loves it 馃檪

10. What is your lucky number and why? Don’t have one at all!

11.  What is your college mascot?  Hoosiers. No, I can’t explain what that is.

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