Small confession. The only reason I like ESPN is the commercials. My favorite sports to watch are gymnastics and running so most of the time, I’m SOL when it comes to prime time.

But the commercials? Score. Sports commercials of any kind always have a good soundtrack and plenty of inspiration. It makes me wonder why we can’t get more of that mojo on regular TV. They are also usually funnier (Hello, Bud Light.)

Nike is obviously one of the best sellers in the business. We all live by their genius phrase, “Just do it” and they’ve got the money to make some pretty badass commercials. Sometimes, almost like mini-documentaries of motivation.

I come away from a Nike running commercial ready to lace up my shoes and head out the door in a hot sprint. The best part of this one is the very last scene (of course!):

Clearly, I have a few other options to try out when I’m injured. It’s time to get excited about muscle and balance of sweat of every variety.

Sweaty zumba, sweaty jump roping, sweaty, headstands and pushups. Sweaty wet laps in the pool, pedals on the trail, pull ups and dumbbells! Sweat does not discriminate and just because I can’t run 10 miles this weekend doesn’t mean I can’t feel the burn.

I’m not going to lie — I am not decked out in Nike everyday. I prefer Mizuno running shoes but I do thank Nike for something they give away for free with their advertising: inspiration — and that is priceless.

Stop complaining. Just do it.

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