How can you not like a company called Honest? How ingenious! But, they come by it honest 🙂 When I first heard of Honest Tea a couple of years ago, it was because they were local. A local DC-area brand had gone national — big time. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing but haven’t always been a sucker for bottled drinks.

When they contacted be recently and offered to send over some samples, I gladly said yes because who I am to turn down something potentially awesome? Plus, tea is GOOD for you and I don’t get enough antioxidents. I had no idea that I would receive this cool “bouquet” of tea bottles on Valentines Day — but I did — complete with a heart shaped card and a hand written note!

As someone who works in social media and blogger outreach professionally, I was impressed with Honest’s actions. I was also super excited to drink some tea! Their new product is a low-calorie sweet tea that tastes like regular sweet tea. Now, I love me some sweet tea! I lived in South Carolina for a year and thought I’d died and gone to heaven because sweet tea was like the appointed beverage for every mealtime.

I was skeptical trying the sweet tea but it lived up to Honest’s description. It was genuinely delicious, sweet tea that did NOT taste bottled. That is key. It tasted like it was fresh brewed and because they make their tea with real tea leaves, you can see the natural tea leaf sediment in the jar. That’s a good thing — shows you it’s natural! You just have to shake it up real good 🙂

They’ve also got some cool videos on YouTube. I love the concept of Honest Tea — it is clearly a quality company that values true ingredients and assumes the best in people. Check out this one they did to see just how honest some cities in America are (the honor system!):

They also sent along a few other flavors to try, my favorite so far being the Mango Acai White Tea pictured above. The available flavors are absolutely mouthwatering, with names like Black Forest Berry, Moroccan Mint, Pomegranate Red Tea w/ Goji Berry & Sublime Mate.

I truly didn’t intend this to be such a long post but I guess when you’re feeling inspired, you just got for it. I hope you will check out the company’s unique story on their website, start following them on Twitter and Facebook — but most of all, that you’ll give some of these amazing flavors a whirl. I’m about to pop open a “Just Green Tea” (no calories!) right and fuel up on some antioxidents!

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