Celebrating Michelle’s 30th birthday at Jaleo! (pic from That’s So Michelle)

For many of my friends, it’s a year of big birthdays. Why? Because we are all hitting 30 and while it’s reaaallly hard to believe, it’s not all that bad. I certainly don’t feel like the old lady I once thought 30 was.

Even when I met Michelle at 24, I never imagined our lives at 30 — still living in DC and hanging out all the time. But here it is! We’ve been through a lot — heartbreaks and crazy nights, cool jobs and big ideas, hurt feelings and forgiveness, reaching goals and finding love…and a whole lot more. (Did I tell you about the time we met Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner? And Dick Cheney & Tony Snow — a few others too :)

Just chillin’ with our friends, Ben & Jen. You might know them.

We’ve laughed and cried and complained and gotten on eachother’s last nerve! We’ve listened to one another go on and on, analyzing dates and doling out advice on things we probably have no business giving advice on. But that’s what girlfriends are for. I can remember ten thousand long metro rides back to Grovener on the redline talking about everything from A to Z.

I’m supremely grateful that when I moved to DC with no friends to speak of, God was looking out for me. He knew that Michelle and I would be a perfect match. She’s a great and loyal friend and I’m overjoyed that she recently got engaged and will soon marry the man she loves. Also that she is starting a job and will be working RIGHT down the hall from me! I’m happy she’s joining me in the land of 30 and know that I’ll have this and much more to right at the next 10-year birthday 🙂

So many photos to choose from but here are couple of us together. Love you Michelle! Happy Birthday!

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