This pic is from Trident Crossfit’s Facebook page. Obviously, you should go “like” them immediately like I did 🙂

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Yesterday, I went my first official Crossfit class. The first one was just a free intro session but this one was the real thing! I was nervous. I’m still nervous because — despite being able to run 26.2 miles — I’m a huge wimp.

For example, I can’t even make it through an entire hour of step class — and I’m barely alive after 45 minutes of spin. Am I ready for the big dogs of Crossfit?

Gulp. Yes-no? I got a lot of encouragement from people to go for it. Specifically, reading Tina’s informative posts on her adventures in Crossfitting and getting some encouragement from Lisa (who is rocking Crossfit while pregnant!) I also stole this rad video from her post:

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What I’ve noticed both times at my “box” (watch out, Crossfit lingo is gonna be hot soon), is that there are people of every shape and size in there getting their muscle and endurance on. I saw really muscular, Crossfit-pro looking guys & girls but I also saw overweight, tall, thin, petite and people no doubt at every fitness level. It was comforting and encouraging not to stick out like a sore thumb (hello, I have no upper body muscle definition!)

Trident is less than a mile from my house so when it gets light out, I will probably just jog there rather than drive. This morning, my alarm was set for 4:55am but I was filled with nervous energy so I woke up at 4:35am. In my head, I thought — you are going to be sweating your butt off in less than an hour, you might as well get up. So I did.

(*Everytime I get up early, I think of a song my mom used to play to get us up for school that went, “Wake up you sleepy head, get up get out of bed, see how the sun is shining! Get up and move your toes, tell them it’s time to go! We’ve got a lot to do today!” Anyone else?!)

You know what’s cool to me? A room full of people ready to work out with energizing music playing in the background at 5:15 in the morning. Am I a weirdo? Maybe.

They keep the people that are on “less than 3 months” on an easier plan — which is fine by me. I worked with a trainer the whole time today, who showed me how to do the moves correctly and was really helpful. If you start day #1 with burpees, watch out. Ugh!

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After class, it was time for paperwork. Apparently, since I first inquired the price has gone up $10. Now, I’ll be paying….$179/month for six months. YIKES! I kind of wanted to just run to my car and pretend I never even thought about this whole Crossfit thing in the first place. In my head, I saw nearly $1,000 that could go towards a new car.

But…this matters. As I saw in a recent quote: “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” You know I’ve been down in the dumps about some stuff recently. For that reason — and because I need a new fitness challenge mentally, physically and spiritually (no joke), this is important. I’ve also heard Crossfit has an awesome community aspect where you find new friends and a lot of amazing support. That’s totally my vibe 🙂

It was fun revving up for MCM with these ladies. Everything is better with strong & supportive community!

Just like entering races, paying for a gym membership
(I have cancelled my gym membership in exchange for Crossfit) and buying the right gear, it’s a priority to me. My fitness-related goals are a huge part of my life. They actually help keep the rest of my life in the best shape it can be as well.

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