This morning, I went to Crossfit for the first time. I was nervous. I’m in good shape so it wasn’t that. It was the group aspect, the unknown, the fear of climbing ropes and pulling tires, which I’ve seen on the videos. I had no idea what to expect.
But, I showed up at 5:45am and the gym was bustling. That is what I love, people up and moving really early, excited to be alive and doing good things for their bodies. The first session actually begins at 5:15 — yikes! But I’m totally up for that one…I LOVE getting a good workout early early. Makes the day start out awesome.

My main concern with Crossfit now is the cost. If I sign up for a 6-month commitment, it’s $169/month. That’s a lotta cash money. If I do it, I will end my gym membership at Washington Sports Club, which is currently $76/month. Even so, a lot of dough in a year when I’m trying to save.

However, doing something different is important to me. I know I can run marathons. I love them, will still do them but it’s the off season for me. I’d like to prove to myself that I can have muscles and maybe even some semblance of a six pack. It would be a new and different kind of accomplishment. Here’s the video from my gym:

Then there’s this: My friend wants me to sign up for the Chicago Marathon with her. But, I don’t know yet if I hit the lottery with New York — which is a ridiculous $255 + two night hotel stay = $$$.  This fitness stuff is getting out of control.

Plus, there are numerous random weekend races, new shoes, gear, fuel, equipment. They say all you need to run is a pair of shoes and an open road. I beg to differ.

Did I ever tell you about my previous gym/fitness FAILS? 

  • In 2006, I paid for an entire year’s gym membership at the gym I went to in another state, merely because I didn’t checked my bank statement enough to realize $50 was going out the window for no reason. When I finally figured it out, I couldn’t get reimbursed because, well, they didn’t care that I was too stupid to notice I didn’t go there anymore.
  • In 2008, I decided to join a second gym because my new job had put me across the street from a great gym I could go to at lunch. I didn’t want to give up my home gym and decided having access to classes and two awesome gyms at any time were “worth” it to me. A mere two months after I joined the new gym, my company unexpectedly closed and I was left with no use for the gym. Unfortunately, I had signed a year long contract. Long story short, I wasted $500 on a gym I didn’t use.    

  • I signed up & paid for for 8 weeks of dance classes once at a local studio and never once attended.

Dude. So, I feel about 75% sure that I’m going to end my gym membership and try Crossfit. It’s a pricy commitment but it’s worth it because I know I will do it. Plus, you have to change things up every now and then to keep life interesting — and that’s not just a cliche line, it’s true!

Who does Crossfit? What do you think? Worth it? Also, have you ever coincided Crossfit with marathon training? I know it will run together by the time I get started but I have to get my money’s worth! It’s time really work this body out!

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