Love this shot.

Guess where I got it? Tumblr. Yes, I’ve succumbed to yet another world of social media and well, I gotta say, I like it.

All these different worlds — blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest — even Instagram, YouTube, and others — have their own separate personalities. You kind of have to delve into them individually.

After a lot of research and and consideration, I’ve decided that Tumblr is one community I need to be in.

It’s a community that exists and seems to fill a void for those who may not want to be detailed bloggers like I am. Many want to stay anonymous and plenty don’t want to put this stuff on their Facebook page! They really seem ingrained into the Tumblr community — not so much big on Twitter or other networks as much.

I’ve found it, thus far, to be really focused on humor and any new Tumblr should try to learn the language that is used, the actions that are taken to be “normal” within the community.

It’s different and it’s not easy to navigate. It’s not easy to search for exactly what you want or find lists of who/what you might want to follow. It takes effort.

Many thanks to the Hipster Libertarian for sharing her successes and tips for being a Tumblr last month. Her presentation at NME really pushed me to get involved. I started one for my job and finally made the move to personal today.

In my brief foray into it today, though, many of the “fitness” Tumblrs I’ve encountered are run by really young, thin-obsessed girls.

It’s starting to look like the pro-ana world in there (something I find a lot within the Pinterest community too at times) so I’m on the hunt for more “healthy” focused blogs rather than those featuring solely photos of ultra-flat, nearly impossible bellies and thighs that don’t touch 🙂

So, I must ask, will you Tumble with me? 

If you have a Tumblr, please leave it in the comments section so I can follow you! Thanks.
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