Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan — goddesses.

Secret? I’ve gone a full five days without working out even a little bit. It’s weird. That’s literally the longest I’ve gone in…years. My back issue sidelined me for at least the first two days — then it was pure laziness. I’m not kidding.  I know, normal people don’t find this a big deal but for me, it’s like not brushing my teeth or eating breakfast or getting enough sleep. Hard to explain but it’s true!
I CERTAINLY wasn’t doing what THEY were doing this weekend, which was winning 1st and 3rd place in the Olympic marathon trials! Oh just a measly old 2:25 marathon, no biggie. Nothing like seeing my heroes run to kick me into gear.

Nothing was keeping me from hopping on the recumbent bike, taking a nice, long walk or heading over to the pool across the street. I have a weird thing with cardio and it’s this: If I can’t run, it doesn’t feel as worth it. It doesn’t feel like I’m doing enough. And my all or nothing attitude took over — of course — and I did absolutely nothing.

Oh, 16-miler I was supposed to run this weekend — I’m ever so sorry I missed you! In fact, I had to meet Maggie AFTER her Saturday run and I was totally depressed about it!

Just reminiscing…marathon lovin’ (Pre-MCM 2011)

The problem is the cycle: I don’t work out, I feel tired and sluggish. I feel tired and sluggish, I don’t work out. I fully intend on kicking this cycle to the curb tomorrow. This streak will not take on Day 6 but it WILL be the tell all (or mostly) on whether or not I get to keep training for the March marathon.

If I can’t get all of my training runs done in full this week, I’m downgrading to the half marathon.

Suffering through a half-ass, painful, disappointingly timed marathon is not my list of things to do (it is very  disheartening!) My goal will just have to move to the fall, when I will — hopefully — run two marathons at least a month apart. Sigh. If I can’t run in March, I will be sad but it’s understandable and…it happens.

I’ll just wear this shirt next summer if my back problems keep me from being skinny. That’s just how we roll in Indiana 🙂

However, it reminds me that I need to get some new goals. The marathons have been some of the most joyous, proud accomplishments of my life. They mean the world to me.

But, now that I know I can do that — what else can I do? I have no interest in doing a triathalon and though I play with the idea of an ultra (nothing more than 31 miles), there’s got to be something else that I will give my all for. I have about zero real athletic talent, which is why I love running — I compete only against myself!

I have many interests — like this blog, like country music, like social media and great novels. It’s time for a new feat. A quiet voice inside me says — it’s the book you’ve always wanted to write! I think that could be it but the task is overwhelming and to be honest, I don’t even have the topic! I have ideas, yes, but the “one” hasn’t revealed itself yet.

I AM writing a book — on my own time, very, very slowly — but I don’t think it’s “the one.” Maybe I’m wrong though. I feel in my bones I was meant to write a book but you see…I was even afraid to get it out on this page.

But I’ll say this — it was my bold prayer this week and I don’t doubt it will happen. After reading about a woman who got her Bachelor’s degree at the age of 64 and published her first novel at the age of 71, I realized there is nothing stopping me from pursuing this dream.

Someday you’ll see my name on a bookshelf. And maybe just maybe I’ll have the running in my life to thank for the inspiration (second to God of course). Until then, I’ll be open to the ideas that enter my heart and keep on keepin’ on.

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