Hi lovelies. So here’s the deal, I don’t have time for a real post today but thought I would send something your way to make you laugh — bloopers from Bridesmaids. Ha, you gotta love that.

Oh and that little photo up top? That’s just a little thing I’m considering — well not THAT but I have ambitions to increase my little tattoo collection. It’ll be words. It won’t be there or say that but watch for it sometime this year!

I’ll be back with some sweet living posts soon. I did a rad 14-miler this weekend and got some renewed motivation for my job (which makes me happy!) Also started reading my pastor’s new book, “Circlemaker” and see good things coming.

We are starting a 21-day prayer journey as a church. I was totally “holy” inspired yesterday and am committed to the next 21-days or prayer and fasting some things that I will tell you about later. God’s going to do good things this month, I can feel it.

Oh — and please check out the profile that “Who Has the Runs” published on me this week. Super fun little interview!

Without further ado, your bloopers: 

Happy Monday!

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